Pros And Cons EcoFlow Delta

Pros And Cons EcoFlow Delta Solar Powered Generator

Pros And Cons EcoFlow Delta Solar Powered Generator – We’re going to unbox, get into the specs, the pros, and cons, hooking up solar panels, everything to do with the Ecoflow delta. It’s definitely our best-selling solar generator. People love it.

Pros And Cons EcoFlow Delta Solar Powered Generator

There are many pros, a few cons, we’re going to get into everything here. First, in the interest of transparency, we’ve opened this up. We’ve been playing with it and testing it for quite a while. So, I’ve just repackaged it here, but you can get a good idea, it actually comes packaged very well in the corner.

Pros And Cons EcoFlow Delta

EcoFlow Delta Design

In all four corners, you have stuff very tight styrofoam. These off here, move this box over, it has a hazmat label, and everything on the box. So, if you need to return it, I would suggest keeping this box because we’re just going to ask you to put it back in the box, and we’ll send you a return shipping label for the box, here have added some warnings on it.

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Pros And Cons EcoFlow Delta
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It’s a very slick box as well, you open it up, and under normal circumstances had, I not already opened it, there would be the user manual right here with your warranty card. I’ve taken that out because as I say, I’ve already used some styrofoam that packages. This unit very tight here’s the generator itself, you’re going to come with a carrying case for the unit, very nice if you don’t get dust, or dirt, or sand, if you’re traveling with this and then the accessories that come with the unit as well in the one box here.

Pros And Cons EcoFlow Delta

You have your AC wall charger, you plug this into the wall, and then the other side, goes right in here,  and that’s how you charge with the wall. In the other box here, what it comes with a couple of cords here. This is a cigarette lighter charger for your car, so you can be driving anywhere while you’re on route camping or something, and be charging this up with just the 12 volts from your car.

And then the MC4 adapter will allow you to charge with any type of solar panel, as long as they’re MC4. So, if you already have your own solar panels, you can use this adapter cord to charge them. It’s about 11 feet long, so it gives you a good distance from plugging this into your generator, and then into your panels.

We also sell extension cord, if you want more than that. Quick guide instructions, user manual, all those kinds of things, and that’s essentially what comes with your unit. And this is what it looks like on the front here, power it on. Batteries are not allowed to ship at 100. So, it’s going to come around 50 charged, or if not less, and that’s completely standard.

You can see a very informative screen. You’ve got four quick charging USBs and two USB-C ports here on the front. So, all on the front here with the screen, these are the DC, this is the DC side of the unit,  direct current power if I turn it around. This is AC, there are actually six of your standard household plugs,  and right in the middle here, are if you have the three-prong outlet, something like this.

Pros And Cons EcoFlow Delta

Fast Charging
The popularity of the EcoFlow Delta 1300 can largely be attributed to its super-fast charging. When plugged into a standard AC outlet, the Delta’s battery bank will go from zero to 80% charged in only one hour.The battery will reach a full charge in as little as two hours. This rapid charging rate is an astounding 10 times faster than most other solar generators available today. This means that if you end up using all the battery, it will only take you 2 hours to charge it back up and you’ll be ready to go again.
Battery Degradation
The battery included in the Delta 1300 is rated to hold a 60% capacity after 800 charges. If you are planning to use this solar generator for a standalone, daily source of power, 800 charges will approach quickly in under three years’ time.

Although it is true the system will still be able to be used after its initial 800 charges, running at a 60% battery capacity will lead to an increased amount of charges needed and therefore even quicker battery degradation.

High Output
Not only is the input capability of the Delta 1300 impressive, but the electric (AC) output powered by the 1800W Inverter rated at 3,300W for surge protection creates a super powerful solar generator (one of the most powerful). This means that anything that can be plugged into a traditional AC outlet (rated at 110V) like your laptop, TV, or lights, can be easily powered by the Delta 1300 for a long time. The Delta 1300’s 13.6V DC output also provides more than enough power to continuously run a DC-powered fridge in a van or an RV for 8-10 hours (all night long if need be).
Low Round Trip Efficiency
Initial product tests of the EcoFlow Delta 1300 solar generator have found that the system only has an approximately 58% round trip efficiency. Round trip efficiency is simply the amount of power that can be drawn out of the battery when compared to the amount of power that was put into the battery. In most efficient systems, this should be around 70%.This factor is not critical if the generator is used sparingly or as a backup, but the low round-trip efficiency implies that more power is needed to fill the battery than traditional solar power systems.
At just over 30 lbs., the EcoFlow Delta 1300 solar generator is light enough to bring wherever power is needed. Like all solar power generators operating with no harmful emissions, the Delta 1300 can be used indoors, outdoors, or inside a tent, RV, or van. The high quality of the product’s hard nylon shell also keeps the system free from potential damage.
Low Price
Retailing at roughly $1,400, the EcoFlow Delta 1300 is an extremely affordable option for the high-quality components and overall convenience of the portable solar generator. Not only does the Delta 1300 come with a large, high-quality inverter, charge controller, and battery, but all of the charging cables are included when the product is purchased. Factor this in with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, and the Delta 1300 is a great option for a low price.

Final Thought

We highly recommend this for people who want some who need something to power larger loads, if that’s a portable AC unit, coffee, microwave, kettle, larger power tools, anything like that. This is going to do really well, super light, super portable, and super powerful really can’t say enough good stuff about it.

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