EcoFlow Solar Generator Kits

EcoFlow Solar Generator Kits

EcoFlow Solar Generator Kits – EcoFlow solar generator bundles combine industry-leading portable power stations with solar panels to give you clean energy and reduce your dependence on the grid. EcoFlow DELTA solar generator bundles are ideal for off-grid power applications. Depending on which portable power station you chose, you can pair up with different variations of solar panels to power your home and lower your carbon footprint.

EcoFlow Solar Generator Kits

How Do Solar Generator Kits Work?

  1. Convert sunlight. EcoFlow solar panels convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity.
  2. Store solar energy. EcoFlow portable power stations store the energy.
  3. Power your devices. EcoFlow portable power stations turn DC into AC power, which can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Secure your home’s power supply with an EcoFlow DELTA solar generator bundle. Designed to give enough power to your largest appliances, DELTA Series bundles range from 882Wh—2kWh. All that energy can be topped up at any time with our range of portable solar panels.

Why choose a DELTA Series home solar generator?

  • Prepare for blackouts. Blackouts are on the rise across the US. Prepare your home for the next time the power goes out with enough capacity to keep even your largest appliances going for hours on end.
  • Own a solar generator for off-grid living. Power independence is a key part of off-grid living and reducing your reliance on the grid. All DELTA Series solar generators support a high solar input, allowing you to chain multiple solar panels together and charge anywhere.
  • Power your home’s essentials. DELTA solar generators put out 1400-3400W depending on the size you pick. That’s fridges, power tools, heaters, and portable AC all covered.

EcoFlow home solar generators are the new wave of energy storage, replacing old-school gas generators. Without noise, fumes, or maintenance you can take power outdoors, or even indoors. That makes them great solar generators for RVs, homes & camping. Take a step into the future of energy storage and backup your home.


  • What is the best solar generator for home use?
    It depends on your power requirements. If you need a solar generator to tide you over with just the essentials for short blackouts, DELTA mini or DELTA will do just fine. If you need a serious home backup option, DELTA Max can keep you going for extended power outages. They all differ on AC power output too, with DELTA mini putting out an impressive 1400W, DELTA at 1800W, and DELTA Max at a massive 3400W. Here’s a blog post we wrote on this.
  • Which is the best solar generator for an off-grid living?
    If you’re going entirely off-grid, you’ll likely be consuming more kilowatt-hours. For that reason, a DELTA Max with some extra batteries to take to you 6kWh would be plenty for essential appliances. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro would also be a consideration for you, starting at 3.6kWh and expanding to 25kWh.
  • Can a solar generator power a house?
    If you’re looking for a solar generator for whole house capabilities, EcoFlow DELTA Pro is your best pick. It can integrate with up to 10 of your home circuits via the Smart Home Panel accessory, giving your home emergency power and smart energy management capabilities.
  • Do they work as solar generators for RV use?
    Yes. They’re ideal for RVs and can even be an alternative to 12V batteries in your RV to power your appliances. Here’s a blog we wrote on this topic.
  • Do they work as solar-powered backup generators?
    Yes. As they don’t use gas as traditional generators do, you can charge up using solar panels and then store energy for when you need it most.
  • Do they work as solar-powered backup generators?
    Every EcoFlow portable power station has an advanced BMS system. Current, voltage, and temperature are auto-regulated using our advanced algorithm. That means even a child could use an EcoFlow solar generator with ease. To sum up, yes they’re safe.


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