Safari ME Product Deep Dive

Safari ME Product Deep Dive

Safari ME Product Deep Dive – I am here today to tell you about the latest solar generator from lion energy, the safari me. Today in this article, we’ll be going over all of the inputs and outputs, the design, the internals, what you can power, everything that you need to know with this unit from line energy.

Safari ME Product Deep Dive

Safari ME Product Deep Dive

First, we’re going to talk about everything that you see here on the face of the safari me. This is your main power, switch pushing it in will turn on the whole unit. The screen will light up, you’ll see a battery indicator here, showing how much capacity you have left in your battery, and also here, you’ll see a time to empty.

This defaults to 99 hours and 59 minutes when nothing is plugged in and running on the unit. We’ll also see some icons up here, right now, they’re all off because none of the inputs or outputs are being used,  but they will light up, and you’ll see that as we use these outputs.

Now, by default the screen is always on, however, holding the screen button for approximately five seconds will turn the screen off, and then a single press will allow you to toggle the screen off and on.  Holding the screen button for another five seconds will lock the screen back into the on position. Now,  the reason you might want to turn the screen off, would be to either to conserve power, or if you are camping for example, and the screen is very bright, when it’s dark then you could turn the screen off. So, the bright light wasn’t in your face.

Lion Safari ME 2000

Lion Safari ME 2000
Lion Safari ME 2000
Price: $1,999.00
Lion Safari ME 2000 Portable Power Station | Solar Powered Generator + FREE Shipping, NO Sales Tax & FREE Lifetime Customer Support *Limited Supply. Order Yours Today!* The Lion Safari ME portable solar generator is one of the most anticipated units of 2020!

Safari ME Design

So, first, we’re going to start over here, on the left, you can push this button to turn on your 12-volt outputs, and you’ll see the 12-volt icon turns on here. That’s going to power up this cigarette lighter output, and also this 12 volt Anderson output, moving in this direction, you can turn this button on.

Safari ME Product Deep Dive – You’ll see this icon light up, indicating that your USB outputs are now powered up. There are two standard types A USB outputs. Each capable of doing 2.4 amps. There’s a type C which does PD 18 watt,  that’s going to be what makes your phone charge quickly, and then we have PD 60 watt. Many laptops can use this as well as fast charging phones, or things like that.

Over here, if you turn on this button, that turns on your AC outputs, and you’ll see this icon lights up here. This is powered internally by a 2000 watt inverter which is capable of doing a 4000-watt peak.

Now, let’s turn it around to the back. This is where the inputs to this unit are. The one that people will be familiar with is the AC cord which is built into the back case here. This is where you would just plug it into the wall to charge. Normally, the main unit can charge in roughly an hour and a half just with this input.

This is also where you have your solar charge input, you can plug your solar panels in here. That once again has that Anderson connector. This is capable of roughly 600 watts of input that will charge this unit. Once again, in about an hour and a half. This connection is for an external battery pack, sold separately to increase the capacity of your unit.

Safari ME Product Deep Dive

This button here is a circuit breaker for the entire unit. So, if it ever trips due to over current, this button here allows you to press and reset the circuit breaker. Now, that we’ve turned the Safari ME around to the back. You can see the specifications section here. This goes through all of the specs that you need to know about the safari me.

We’ll have those listed in the description, because of the lithium iron phosphate battery, you’re getting increased capacity more output, and faster charging times than comparable units on the market. The safari ME measures 19 x 13 x 13 inches and weighs in at just over 45 pounds. In addition to the main safari me unit, you can also buy it with this expansion battery.

The lion safari XP allows you to connect the expansion battery to the main unit, and expand your battery capacity going from just under one kilowatt-hour with the main unit by itself to just under three kilowatt-hours with both units connected together.

The way that you connect is by using the built-in cord on the back of the expansion pack and plugging it into the back of the safari me. When you want to disconnect it, you can push in on the yellow button, and simply pull out.

The lion safari me can also be charged with solar. This is an example of the 100 watts 24-volt solar panel which can be purchased separately, or like the expansion battery bought together in a kit with the main unit.

Lion Safari ME 3000

Lion Safari ME 3000
Lion Safari ME 3000
Price: $3,498.00
The Lion Safar ME portable solar generator is one of the biggest solar generators available. With its 922 watt-hours of battery in the base unit + 2,048 watt-hours in the expansion pack (included with your order), you have just under 3,000 watt-hours of battery!

In order to connect the solar panel to the safari me, you simply connect the Anderson cords together,  matching the black and the black together. You can connect up to eight total panels together by connecting one panel to the next, and then plugging the entire chain into the back of the unit. The MPPT charge controller does max out at 600 watts input, however, eight panels may be needed to get a full 600 watts of charge in non-ideal solar conditions.

Final Thought Safari ME Product Deep Dive

The safari ME is extremely versatile, and the things that allow you to power. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at a construction site, and you need to run your saws, and your power tools, whether you’re outdoors on an adventure with your family or by yourself, or just any time that you need power, or want the convenience of power, but don’t want to be connected to the power cord into the grid.

We have been talking about the lion safari ME solar generator. This is powered by a lithium iron phosphate battery which means more power for you lighter weight, and longevity this is rated for 2500 plus life cycles. It’s extremely quiet to use. It doesn’t produce any fumes. It is safe to use in a tent, or indoors. I have one of these units, I enjoy using it frequently in outdoor and indoor activities. I use it every day.

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