Lion Energy UT 1300 battery test

Lion Energy UT 1300 battery test

Lion Energy UT 1300 battery test – Today, we get to test out my new favorite battery. These are from Lion energy. They are called UT 1300 lithium iron phosphate batteries. They have 105 amp hours a piece and we’re going to be putting them to the test today.

Lion Energy UT 1300 battery test

We’re gonna do to figure out if these actually deliver the full amount of power that they promised is. We’re gonna put a 5 amp draw on these guys, and then set up a camera to take a picture a minute. So, I can see exactly how long they last.

We’re also going to be using a victor on battery monitor system with the battery shunt. It will actually tell us exactly how many amp-hours of power we get out of these,  and what we’re going to be doing to get that 5 amps of the draw are, we’re going to be turning on the RV stereo which has a small LCD screen.

So, kind of like a small tablet, or a little TV, or whatever, and then we’re also gonna have a 12-volt oscillating fan to keep you cool, and then basically, I’m just going to turn on a whole bunch of LED lights until I get to 5 amps of a draw, and I’m going to check that with a multimeter, and also to the victor on readout that’s going to tell us how many amps we’re consuming as well.

Lion Energy UT 1300 battery test

Without further ado, why don’t I get out there and show you, how I have this setup,  and then we’ll put up the timer and we’ll just start the test.

Test #1 – Calibrate

I’ve taken out my other batteries, and I have installed these Lions UT 1300 in parallel. I love that feature, now, we can start experimenting. I tried to calibrate everything as closely as I possibly can. We look down here, we’re showing 4.9 amps on this guy, so very close to 5 amps.

And then just a double-check, I connected a voltage meter, amp meter, and we’re showing 5.06 amps, and that guy is running all the power from the RV right now.

You can see, it’s the only thing connecting the battery cables, so we are right, there it’s close to five amps as I can possibly get. This is where we’re gonna run the test with everything, just the way it is.

Lion Energy UT 1300 battery test

Test #2 – Battery Life

You’re gonna notice that we get up to according to my timer here, and even just by looking at the clock at the top of the fire tablet, about 41.3 hours is in 0.3 hours is about 41 hours and 18 minutes. As you can see right here, it’s going to be approaching 41 hours and 18 minutes, and then the error code hit, that’s when the lights went out.

That’s how long they lasted, and to double-check that I added up all the pictures from my camera, every single frame, that it took one a minute, and it took 2478 frames. You divide that by 60 minutes then you get 4.3, and that’s exactly what we showed.

There 4.3 – 41.3 hours is amazing, close to the 42 hours. These batteries promised they’re going to deliver because if you take each one’s 105 amp 150 times 2, so that’s 210. You divide that by 5, you’re gonna get 42.

They’re supposed to last 42 hours on paper. They got so close to that 41.3 hours, and that could very well because of variances with my testing, the fan drew a little more. It fluctuated or whatever, and if point zero six that’s a little more than five, etc.

Close enough, and if you look at the actual display on the battery monitor, it counted a hundred and nine amp-hours, and that’s incredibly impressive that they delivered all of that, and to put that into perspective, I had to green-light batteries, and all I ever got out of them was a hundred and eighty amp-hours, and each one was supposed to be a hundred.

Safari UT 1300

Lion Energy Safari UT 1300
Lion Energy Safari UT 1300
Price: $899.00
The Lion Energy Safari UT 1300’s are the new generation of battery technology. You’ll love how easy these batteries are because they require zero maintenance and come with a LIFETIME warranty – a 3500 cycle guarantee.

So that should be 200 amp-hours. I only got 180, maybe because I shut down to a 10% to give you more cycles, or who knows. But these are smaller than those, and they delivered exactly what they said. They were gonna deliver as far as amp-hours, and with all that stuff on all those lights, the fan, the stereo, a little TV or whatever, 41 hours and 18 minutes is incredibly impressive.

Test #3 – Air Conditioner

These batteries will take 150 amps of discharge. I actually run an air conditioner off of these. I’ll put that link up top it lasted about three hours with a 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner, that’s huge, and so, you can pull a tremendous amount of power out of these guys.

Then you can charge them up to 100 amps at a time which is SuperDuper fast. You can charge one of these batteries in like an hour which is incredible compared to lead-acid or anything else.

That’s going to take you 6 or 8 hours to you know bulk absorption, and float charge these. You can just dump power into them, and they’re gonna go all the way up.

Lion Energy offers a warranty for all 3,500 cycles. That’s crazy, so if you completely discharged them like I just did, and then pump them full of juice all the way to charge, that’s one cycle 3,500 cycles is 9.6 years.

Watch the video for the complete test 🙂

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