Bluetti Ac200P 2000W Lifepo4 Solar Generator 2000Wh Off Grid Portable Power Station

Bluetti Ac200P Fault Codes

Bluetti Ac200P Fault Codes – Bluetti business began for the reason that basis in 1991. Bluetti has broadened the product line as a high-quality skilled maker by competing with world top tiers. Bluetti internally created its distinctive design identity by enhancing product design.

Bluetti Ac200P Fault Codes

The focus and inspiration from international design trends have brought them to the forefront of the power station. They imagine in high quality craftsmanship without the gimmicks. They work with the very best to get the best. And then we promote the best, for exactly the value it ought to cost. It’s the very simple system at the heart of all the pieces we make.

Charge cycles3,500+Solar input700W
Open Specifications

With steady enhancements and improvements, Bluetti is pursuing to be a sustainable international leading company. Based on collected applied sciences and experiences, Bluetti has firmly established its position as knowledgeable power storage system producer over the past 29 years.

Such a broad range and proven quality made their current position in the European and US  market because the top sellers. They are cooperating with global top makers and retailers below our own names.

Bluetti Newest Product

Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh/2000W Portable Power Station

Large capability, high power solar power station. Whether it’s your house’s high-power equipment or outside work of high-power equipment, it may well proceed to power. Bluetti ac200p can be a necessity when you have to face severe energy shortages.
Bluetti Ac200P Fault Codes

AC200P Features

1. Higher Output/Larger Capacity

Huge capability 2000wh power station with high ac inverter load steady 2000w, surge 4800w. Specially designed for high-power gadgets similar to electrical grill, window air conditioner, drill, kettle, espresso maker(max 2000w), built-in lifepo4 battery cell, safety & high quality are rest assured.3500+ tremendous long life cycle, greater discharge price.

2. 17 Output Ports Meet Multiple Devices
  • 6*AC Outlets(Pure Sine Wave) For Most Household Appliance Under 2000W Such As Blender, Vacuums, Refrigerator, Household Dryer, Steam Mops.1*DC12V/10A Constant 12V For Car Powered Devices.
  • 2* DC 12V/3A For Led Light, Router.1*DC12V/25A For DIYer, RV, And Some Car-Powered Device With Higher Current.1*PD 60W USB-C Faster Charge For PD Type-C Devices Such As Macbook, Macbook Air/Pro And Others.
  • 2*Wireless Charging (Max 15W), And 4*5V/3A USB-A For Smartphone, Tablet, Led Lamp And Other 5V USB Devices.

It is perfect for outside adventure, camping, power outage, and emergency.

3. Flexible 5-way charging
  • AC Adapter (Included): 500W
  • Car Charger (Included): 12V/ 24V
  • Solar Panel (Not Included): 35-150v/Max.700W,Max12A
  • Generator: gasoline, Propane, Or Diesel
  • Lead Acid Battery(Max 8.2A
4. Interactive smart-touch LCD show

With the smart touchable LCD screen, the real-time show shows current, voltage, power, temperature, and charging status. users can independently alter the output voltage, frequency, charging mode, and so forth. The unique “bluetti eco” mode can prevent as much as 50% of wasted electricity loss. it will mechanically power down when the output is decrease than 50w for 4 hours, simply in case you overlook to show it off.

5. Fast Recharge

Recharge via 700w photovoltaic panel (actual input photovoltaic power) and the connected 400w ac adapter simultaneously (whole 1100w) which takes only around 2.5-3 hours to fully recharge the AC200P. Fast Recharge: Recharge via dual ac adapter (total in 800w) simultaneously which takes about 3-3.5 hours!

Note: Only one adapter is included, the customer wants to purchase the second adapter + DC7909 to XT90 cable individually for dual adapter recharging). The MC4 photovoltaic charging cable (MC4 to XT90) is included in the package deal.

Bluetti AC200P

Bluetti AC200P Portable Solar Generator
Bluetti AC200P Portable Solar Generator
Price: $1,998.00
The Bluetti AC200P portable solar generator is launching in Late 2020! As one of the biggest names in the portable, solar generator space, Bluetti appears to have done it again with one of the most anticipated solar generators of this year!


Bluetti AC200P Specifications

Battery Details

Battery CellLiFePO4
Pack Capacity2000Wh/2000W
Lifecycles3500+ Cycles
Shelf-LifeCharge Every 3-6 Months
Management System‘MPPT’ Charge Controller, Low Battery Protection

General Details

Size16.5 x 11 x 15.2 inch
Net Weight60.6lbs
Warranty24 Months
Operating Temperature0-40°C/10%-90%
Safety By DesignBattery Management System (BMS) Enables
Short Circuit Protection, Voltage Control, Temperature Control,
And More Advanced Safety Operations.

Charge Times

Refrigerator (800w)2.1 Hrs+
CPAP (60w)28+ Hrs
Laptop (60w)28+ Hrs
Fan (12w)140+ Hrs
Smartphone180+ Hrs
Led Lantern Light (10w)170+ Hrs
LCD TV (100w)17+ Hrs

Bluetti Ac200P Fault Codes

Bluetti AC200P Fault Codes

E001Over-voltage protection (battery pack)Stop charging and start discharging.
E002Under-voltage protection (battery pack)Please charge the product in time. Restart the
machine once it is fully charged
E003Battery failureRestart the machine and charge it.
E004Over-temperature protection when discharging the batteryWait for a while for it to cool down and then restart the machine.
E005Under-temperature protection when discharging the battery.Wait for a while for it to heat up and then restart the machine.
E006Over-temperature protection when charging the batteryWait for a while for it to cool down and then restart the machine.
E007Under-temperature protection when charging
the battery
Wait for a while for it to heat up and then restart the machine.
E008Under-voltage protection for the 1st cell.Please charge the product in time and restart it when fully charged.
E009Under-voltage protection for the 2nd cell.Please charge the product in time and restart it when fully charged.
E010Under-voltage protection for the 3rd cell.Please charge the product in time and restart it when fully charged.
E011Under-voltage protection for the 4th cell.Please charge the product in time and restart it when fully charged.
E012Busbar fault of inverter due to under volage.Turn off and on the machine.
E013Over-load protection of inverter.Check if the output port of the inverter is overloaded. Turn off and on the AC output to
E014An output port of the inverter is short-circuited.Check if the output port of the inverter is overloaded. Turn off and on the AC output to
E015The heat sink of the inverter is overheated.Wait for it to cool down and then restart the machine.
E016The temperature of the heat sink is not detected.Insert the NTC and restart the machine
E017Over-voltage protection (PV input)Disconnect the solar charging cable and then restart the machine.
E018Over-voltage protection (PV output)Disconnect the solar charging cable, restart the machine and then re-insert the solar
charging cable.
E019Over-temperature protection of heat sink for PV moduleThe heat sink for the PV module overheats. Wait for it to cool down and then charge it.
E020The temperature of the heat sink for the PV module is not detected.Restart the machine.
E021Charging protection of battery protection boardWait for the temperature to return to an acceptable temperature and then start
E022Battery protectionDisconnect the solar charging cable and restart the machine.
E023Over-power protection (system)Check if the total output power is overloaded. Restart the machine.
If you have tried the methods mentioned above, but the problem still cannot be solved.
Contact seller customer service team.


Bluetti AC200P Reviews

Bluetti Ac200P Fault Codes – The AC200P is a 2000 watt-hour power station, with long-lasting Lithium Iron Phosphate cells. It has a pure sine wave AC inverter able to 2000 watts sustained current and can surge as much as 4800 watts. There are 6 AC outlets, 4 customary 5 volt/3 amp USB retailers, one USB C with up to 60 watts output, two 3 amp barrel outlets for 12 volts, one 10 amp “cigarette lighter” outlet for 12 volts, a 12 volt 25 amp aviation port (aviation refers to the type of plug, not the supposed use), and two 15 watt wi-fi charging stations on top. That’s lots of functionality!

The AC200P is comparable in each element to the wildly widespread AC200, which offered thousands of items on an Indiegogo campaign in the summertime of 2020. The only difference is the switch to Lithium Iron Phosphate cells, with a rise of 300 watt-hours over 1700 accessible on the AC200.

The AC200/P is the successor to the EB150 and EB240 power stations, which took the world by storm when they were launched in 2019. The combination of huge capacity, portability, and price still make them a preferred choice. Their AC inverter is proscribed to 1000 watts (1200 surge), which for some purposes just isn’t sufficient. Maxoak obtained the message loud and clear and put a much more powerful inverter (and more AC shops) within the AC200/P. For many individuals, the EB series continues to be preferable.

The AC200P weighs in at 60.6 pounds. This is on the high end of what I’d name a transportable power station. The built-in handles work great, and one reasonably matches a particular person can move it around, however, I plan to discover a good location and depart it there, and I reckon most individuals will do the same.

The AC200P has a built-in fan to maintain it cool when wanted. It appears my CPAP doesn’t draw enough current to cause the fan to kick on, so it’s perfectly quiet all evening long. In situating the unit, be sure to leave space for the fan to draw air without straining. A four-inch margin on all sides can be ample.

Bluetti has clearly positioned its design consideration in the correct locations. Touch panel with entry to plenty of data, a number of power outputs, multiple and quick charging options, even wireless telephone charging. It’s a stable generator that is effectively well worth the value.

Bluetti AC200P Inverter Test

Bluetti Ac200P Fault Codes – They asked me what specific features would I want in my very own system, and they truly built it and I think this can be excellent for van and RV dwellers like a midsize system. I would not recommend this for a cabin measurement system but for everything smaller than a cabin, or a tiny house, that is excellent, and after I first was introduced to Bluetti, I believed it might fail fairly badly however every single unit that I’ve gotten has had zero issues.

The only draw back was that the inverter was too small on a number of the final models, and everybody that has
a Bluetti likes them a lot. So, I’m actually fairly enthusiastic about this.

Bluetti AC200 2000W Inverter

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Bluetti AC200P Pros And Cons

It holds a lot of power 2000W with a GIANT 4800W surge. I’ve tested it and it’ll begin with a small AC window unit or RV AC.It doesn’t embody the DC7909 to XT90 cable for dual AC adapter charging.
The top has 2 18W wireless chargers so you probably have a more modern telephone No need to fret about cords.It does not embrace the 25 amp RV port cable.
The HUGE 700 W with 150V solar input is my FAVORITE. This blows everybody else out of the water. What good is a photovoltaic generator that can’t take more than 400W and over 120volts?The AC adapter for wall charging is rated at 411 watts and listed as 400 watts on the website, but you’ll not get greater than 380 watts out of it. My associates have identical ones and they have identical results.
You can put 400watts through the AC adapter and 700W input via solar for crazy quick charging.This is what I dislike the MOST. If you might be solely powering a portable fridge ( mine is the Iceco LV60 & I extremely suggest it, Danfrost compressor ) or anything underneath 50watts ECO mode will shut it off. My Fridge is tremendous environment friendly and only draws about 37 watts for 15 min an hour. The eco mode of the factor drains power. I believe due to the inverter however unsure. I do know that the Maxoak 1500 or 2400 ( I’ve both ) will power small appliances for much, longer. But they don’t compare to this total.
The aviation photovoltaic cable is wonderful high quality, like nothing in the marketplace, you possibly can NOT pull it out on accident
The contact display is sensible, brilliant, and has all the knowledge you’ll ever need even tracks errors.
The LiFePO4 batteries could be recharged at 3500++ instances. If you don’t overcharge or run it down too far like all LiFePO4 hold between 40%&80% charged it’ll outlast the opposite parts on the system.
If you have got an issue the customer support group is fantastic to deal with but there was a language barrier.

Click To Download Bluetti AC200P User Guide

Bluetti Product Packages

Bluetti AC200P Comparison

1. Bluetti AC200P VS Titan Energy

ManufacturerPoint ZeroMaxOAk
Product NameTitanBluetti AC200
Capacity (Wh)20001700
Voltage (V)2448
Drawer Capacity (Wh)1500/30002000
Pure SineYesYes
Continuous (W)30002000
Peak (W)60004800

2. Bluetti AC200P VS EcoFlow Delta 1300

Product NameBluetti AC200Delta 1300
Capacity (Wh)17001260
Voltage (V)4812
Drawer Capacity (Wh)20001800
Pure SineYesYes
Continuous (W)20001800
Peak (W)48003300

3. Bluetti AC200P VS EB240

Product NameBluetti AC200Bluetti EB240
Capacity (Wh)17002400
Voltage (V)4812
Drawer Capacity (Wh)20001000
Pure SineYesYes
Continuous (W)20001000
Peak (W)48001200

4. Bluetti AC200P VS Others

solar generator chart comparison

Final Words

Bluetti Ac200P Fault Codes – The AC200P is the first product from Maxoak/Bluetti that uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) batteries. All earlier models have been constructed around Lithium-Ion batteries. LiFePo4 batteries are safer and they last more. That is, if you happen to treat them properly, they will proceed to offer at the least 80% of their rated capability for 1,000-2,000 full charging cycles.

The AC200P will likely exceed even that as a result of the unit is designed to chop off the outputs and charging cycle with the intention to only use 90% of the battery’s actual capability. This is an efficient tradeoff between usable capacity and life extension. And, the AC200P battery is 48 volts slightly than the 12 volts of most solar generators. That ought to translate right into a more reliable, longer-lasting AC inverter since it doesn’t need to spice up the voltage as far and thus maintaining the current lower.

It is ideal for outside adventure, Camping, Power Outage, and Emergency.

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