Bluetti AC200P Portable Solar Generator 2000 wH / 2000 W

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The Bluetti AC200P portable solar generator is launching in Late 2020! As one of the biggest names in the portable, solar generator space, Bluetti appears to have done it again with one of the most anticipated solar generators of this year!

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Bluetti AC200P Portable Solar Generator 2000 wH / 2000 W Power Station 700W PV Input & 4800W Surge is launching in Late 2020! As one of the biggest names in the portable, solar generator space, Bluetti appears to have done it again with one of the most anticipated solar generators of this year!

Bluetti AC200P Portable Solar Generator 2,000wH / 2,000W Power Station + FREE Shipping, NO Sales Tax & Lifetime Customer Support!

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The Bluetti AC200P is designed to run high-powered devices such as electric grills, window A/C units, drills, kettles, coffee makers, and more! The AC200P has a built-in LiFePo4 battery with 3,500+ lifecycles.

“Bluetti ECO Mode” prevents up to 50% of wasted electricity loss and helps save even more power, making the Bluetti AC200P an incredible solar generator with great capabilities. The AC200P is ideal for occasional use such as camping, tailgating, and festivals, and is also a perfect emergency back-up solution for homes, disaster situations, and medical devices.

What’s Included With Bluetti AC200P Portable Solar Generator Order?

  • 1 x Bluetti AC200P 2,000wH / 2,000W Solar Generator
  • 1 x 400W AC wall charger for charging from any standard wall outlet
  • 1 x PV Solar Charging Cable (MC4 to Xt90
  • 1 x Car Charging Cable (Car to XT90),
  • 1 x XT90 to Aviation Plug (input)
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x 2-Year Warranty Certification
  • 1 x Free Copy of our 10,000-word solar generator setup & maintenance guide
  • Free Shipping
  • No Sales Tax!
  • Lifetime Customer Support (Via phone, live chat & email)

Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator Benefits:

  • Power Capacity: 2,000Wh battery / 2000W inverter (Continuous)
  • Long Lasting Lithium Power Station, Built in Top-brand LG Battery Cells
  • Charging cycles: 3,500+
  • 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Size & Net Weight: 16.54in*11.03in*15.2in, 57lbs
  • Charge up to 17 devices at one time.
  • Outputs (Plugs): 6 x 2000W AC Outlets (Adjustable voltage: 110V-240V), 2 x 15W Wireless Charging, 1 x 60W PD 2.0 USB-C,4 x 5V/3A USB-A,1 x PV 35-150V/12A (car charging 12V-30V/min 120W), 1 x DC 12V/3A. 1 x 12V/10A. 1 x DC12V/25A for RV.
  • Five Recharging methods: AC/Solar/Car/Gasoline Generator, Lead-Acid Battery Recharge: With 1*AC Adapter 58.2V/500W
  • Can handle up to 700 watts of solar input (PV 700W/35V-150V) and is equipped with MPPT high efficiency charge controller
  • Smart touch screen LCD panel: Adjustable voltage (110V-120V), It can show tons of important information such as how long until fully recharged.
  • Energy-saving mode, LCD Screen to Monitor the Remaining
  • Capacity/Charging/Discharge/Abnormal Status, Error codes will be shown for any malfunction.
  • MC4 Solar Charging Cable is Included, Battery Management System (BMS) Protects from Over-voltage, Overcurrent, Short-circuit, Temperature Control & more!

Bluetti AC200P Features:

  • Eco-friendly/Gas free/Quieter/Cost-effective
  • 2,000wh LiFePO4 Battery + 2,000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • 6 * AC outlets (Standard wall plugs)
  • LG premium electric-vehicle battery cell
  • 3,500+ Charge cycles
  • 700W/35-150V Solar input, fully charged in only 3.5hrs with solar.
  • Recharge from AC/Solar/Car/Gas Generator/Lead-acid Battery
  • Can be used for charging Tesla/Electric Motorcycle/ Electric Scooter
  • 2*15W Wireless charging pads
  • Power 17 devices simultaneously
  • Intelligent temperature controlled cooling fan
  • Smart touchable LCD panel

Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator Applications:

  • Off-grid and remote power generation when used with solar panels
  • Cabins, tiny houses, RV’s to power Air Conditioner, space heater, fridge, coffee machine, lighting, TV, water kettle, coffee maker, etc.
  • Camps
  • Street vendors stalls
  • Exhibition stands to power lights, laptop, payment machine
  • Power for electronic devices and variety of appliances
  • Power tools
  • Remote CCTV and security surveillance
  • Back up and emergency power during power outage
  • Portable power for relief and rescue workers
  • Service engineers, field crews
  • Diesel/gasoline generator replacement particularly in noise and emissions sensitive areas

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Up to 2000 Watt

12 reviews for Bluetti AC200P Portable Solar Generator 2000 wH / 2000 W

  1. C.S. (verified owner)

    Finally got mine!

    This model is gorgeous! I like the Bluetti AC200 price range and the features offered. Don’t worry about power outages now. Just a great solar generator for a camper.

    1 product
  2. Chris (verified owner)

    Glad I got best 2000 watt solar generator

    It is a good backup and a way to cut some of the electricity bills in your home when hooked up to solar. I wash my clothes with it, watch TV, run my air fryer (which is an electric hog), and I charge everything in my home with this.
    It runs my 8000 BTU air conditioner in my bedroom on the economy for 9 hours and only uses 35%

    1 product
  3. hola (verified owner)

    Nice emergency power source

    I use this as a backup source of AC power for my refrigerator in cases where my apartment loses utility power.
    This big battery unit can easily power my fridge continuously for about 20 hours, but I’ve been able to extract 36 hours by cycling it on/off every two hours to keep the fridge chilled. No food, ice cubes or popsicles were harmed during that test.

    1 product
  4. jessica (verified owner)

    Bluetti Worked Great!

    A 17-hour power outage and this bluetti solar generators kept a large refrigerator/freezer running, a Keurig coffee maker making single cups of coffee several times, and a 27″ AIO computer, lamp and fan going. No need to start the generator, which was nice for the neighbors. Happy with Bluetti’s performance.

    1 product
  5. Jone (verified owner)

    Best All-In-One Unit I’ve Found!! Very Versatile and PLENTY of POWER for Outages!!

    I just received the AC200P and first of all, it was WELL packaged! When I opened it had a 54% charge so I let it fully charge overnight. After it fully charged, everything I put on it worked flawlessly! I purchased this as a backup power unit should the power go out during a storm and after my initial tests, I can rest easy knowing I have backup power for CPAPS, fans, refrigerator, freezer and other major appliances. I read a lot of technical specs but here are some real-world tests I ran.

    The first thing I tried was my Keurig DUO and it drew roughly 1400w making a cup of coffee. I started to go with the EB150 but I’m glad I went ahead with the AC200P. The inverter on the EB150 wouldn’t have had enough power to run it. Next onto the full-size fridge. I’m actually surprised at the wattage that pulled. 155W when the compressor was running. So, this would have easily run it for several hours which would come in handy during a power outage. Next, I tried the 4-slice toaster and again, no problem. It ran at 1700W.

    All in all, if you are looking for a power backup solution to help you during a storm, this is it. I’ve looked at a LOT of units and the AC200 bluetti solar generators are by far the best all-in-one unit out there.

    The only con I’ve found so far is the weight but that comes with territory. Weighing in at 60lbs, if you plan to move this around, get a cart. That will save your back.

    Final thoughts, this is an amazing unit. It is so versatile and there are a lot of uses for the AC200P. I highly recommend it!

    1 product
  6. Abe (verified owner)

    From Great Shipping To Well Working Product

    I really recommend the AC200P power station for fun plus emergency use. If customers ever purchased 3 or 4 of AC200P along with 2,000 watts solar for complete off-grid at cabin. Because of fire season, this AC200P will fully operate plug-in induction burners for cooking. Great solar generator for camper.

    1 product
  7. Mikos (verified owner)

    Bluetti solar panels are great!!

    I bought two 350 Watt solar panels (LG), put them in series and plugged them into this generator and it works great. I use this to run a split air conditioner during the daytime.

    On a sunny day it’ll work all day to charge up and to run the air conditioner. The output has a beautiful sine wave. The display is touch and works really well.

    I watched a video of this on youtube and the guy had “faults” when he first turned it on. I haven’t had any faults. Just does as advertised. One thing it has that isn’t really known is that it can wirelessly charge two cell phones on the top. Also, you can shut off the DC output, which saves energy. Just a great unit. Nice looking thing as well. I like the color of this unit.

    1 product
  8. aska (verified owner)

    Powers my fifth wheel

    The unit worked better than expected…..actually, I didn’t know what to expect but it exceeded mine…. Wired it into my generator prep of my RV and installed it under the fifth wheel storage area right under the prep box so I could power my regular 13 cu.ft. Household Fridge that I wanted to install instead of buying another RV fridge.

    I did a lot of investigation and settled for the Bluetti AC200P. Once I wired it in I turned on the fridge and left it on for 10 hours and by morning it was down to 75%…. that’s more time then I would stay traveling on the road and that’s what I was looking for….have spare power left when getting off road.

    Can’t beat that with a stick. After we arrive at our campground and hook back up to shore power the unit plugs in to converter socket and the bluetti starts charging up for when we leave to head home or if the campgrounds electric goes off (been there done that) we could last with power till it comes back on. Thanks bluetti for making that possible to have 110v power to the whole rig.

    1 product
  9. kraen (verified owner)

    Best 2000 watt solar generator

    My wife purchased this for camping in our travel trailer after seeing others use one. It’s smaller, lighter, and smells way better than our stinky old generator. With solar panels, you can stay out until you run out of supplies.

    So far, we’ve used it on a 10 day camping trip with great success. We used my wife’s hair dryer, flat iron, our instant pot for many meals, lights, microwave, charged or cell phones etc. It was a workhorse!! I’ve also used it around the house. Our 45 inch tv from 2007 and a Roku can run for quite a while. We ran it for 8 hours and there was still a ton of use left. The screen said it was drawing 78 watts. I also ran our 8.8 cubic foot freezer for several hours. That was pulling 84 watts. It’s also great for vacuuming your car if you don’t remember where you put the extension cord.

    The Bluetti AC200P 2000w solar generator will be great the next time our power goes out. I plan to do a little upgrade to my house so I can plug this in to power the important stuff the next time the grid fails us. We have used other brands before but they just didn’t stand the test. We will be buying more of these and highly recommend this unit to everyone we know.

    1 product
  10. bluetti ac200p specs

    Gracias x la información, me es muy util…

    1 product
  11. Vinny (verified owner)

    Product supports

    Having a Bluetti AC200P Portable Power Station on board our camper van was a good choice we had made when we build it. . The AC200P out performed our expectations. We took a three weeks four thousand plus miles maiden voyage without any glitch.
    Last winter the van was parked during the week and half snow storm we endured. I forgot to disconnect the solar panels cable to the unit. The solar charge turned on the AC200P and then one and half feet of snow dump on us the next day. It took 5 days for snow to dissipate. Power drained, lack of charge and cold weather done the AC200P in.
    I reached out to Bluetti’s support. Such a superb support staffs! Support in its pure definition! (Thank you Helen! [****]). RMA, UPS shipping label and shipping instruction were emailed to me in the next day.
    We‘ve received the AC200P today. Power up the camper, all functional! Thanks again to [****].
    Happy campers.

    bluetti review

    1 product
  12. David Breakey

    Good quality. Just received and I hope I do not need.
    Primarily it is for running the refrigerator.

    1 product
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