Tutorial Smart Home Panel

Tutorial Smart Home Panel BLUETTI

Tutorial Smart Home Panel BLUETTI – in this smart home panel, BLUETTI adopts premium breakers to bring you added safety. Switch to 0 before any connection. Switches to 1, when the connection is finished, and get ready to power loads. Switch to 2, to securely remove the power station, and the power supply won’t be affected.

Tutorial Smart Home Panel BLUETTI


The smart home panels can work with Bluetti EP500/EP500Pro and AC300 power stations. In this article, we’re going to show you how to operate AC300 with the smart home panel. AC300 can be recharged at 1800 watts max input through the electric utility system. An additional 30 amp AC charging cable is required for 3000 watts fast charging, however, a password is also required before enjoying the astonishing 3000 watts fast charging.



Setting UPS Mode

And of course, you can get it from the BLUETTI authorized dealer. You can also charge the power station via solar panels while connected with smart home power. AC300 offers four UPS modes by default. It’s in standard UPS mode. When in this mode, the grid will directly power your appliances and the unit is always ready to take over when the grid fails. If you live in a place with sufficient sunlight, the PV priority mode is highly recommended.

The lower value you set, the more capacity will be recharged from solar power which is budget-saving and eco-friendly. The time control mode can lower your electricity bills too. Set a time to recharge the AC300 by the grid, and a time to power loads from its battery saving, or offsetting your electricity costs, especially, when you live in an area with fluctuating energy prices.

In this mode, you can also adjust the SoC low and SoC high settings. Your device will be powered by utility power rather than the AC300. If the remaining capacity reaches, the SoC low and the SoC high works the same as PV priority mode set a lower value for more solar power, and less utility power while in customized ups mode. You can set the charge and discharge time, and SoC high and low value including the same settings as under PV priority mode.

Additionally, the grid charge status will take effect on all modes. Please make sure to enable it, or AC300 won’t be charged by the utility power, and turn on the time control status to ensure the charge and discharge settings will take effect. In any other modes, download the BLUETTI app from either google play or the app store, and you’re good to go. That’s all for today.

Watch the video for detailed information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkxL4dKumh0

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