Titan Solar Generator Initial Setup

Titan Solar Generator Initial Setup

Titan Solar Generator Initial Setup – So, it’s finally here, my Titan solar generator. I’ve got two here with one battery. It is a bit heavy, but I can actually lift this up, and move it around. And I have a second battery that I’m going to attach to it, and I’m going to show you how to do the initial setup for the titan solar generator.

Titan Solar Generator Initial Setup

I just got my actual Titan today, and it’s actually the production model. This is the actual Titan, that’s shipping out to people. A lot of tape on it, lots of padding DC plugs, their user manual, comes with looks like a car charger, and the panel reset cable, and we’ve got the panel adapter.

Titan Generator Solar Portable
Rated Capacity2000 WhCycle Life2,000
Weight66 lbsBattery TypeLithium-Ion
Open For Full Specifications

Titan Solar Generator Initial Setup

Now, I got this one with two batteries. So, I got an extra battery because the Titan comes with one, and I got two wall chargers. So, these are the wall chargers, second Walter Kerr, and then this is the table. There we go, that is the official Titan. One of the things I noticed, right off the bat is, they added this label which is nice, helps identify what everything is.

Solar Generator

These are the two solar inputs, we’ve got AC charging input. The two inputs they’re got the SAE car charger and reset spot, and battery expansion port. So, this is nice, any external battery can be used as long as it’s in a 24 volts setup.

Let’s go ahead, and get the batteries. I have not opened these. I really don’t know very nice this looks,  really good okay. So, this little caution sticker here says do not stack battery packs without balancing.  First, please see the manual for instructions. So, this is what the user manual says, on page 7 for the initial setup, I’m gonna go ahead and follow these steps here.

Solar Generator Setup

It says for additional batteries need to follow these steps here as well. So, it’s definitely important to read the whole user manual before connecting anything up here. So, it says for multiple batteries that I need to balance these first. One of the cool features of the Titan is, that I can just take the wall charger that comes with an extra fuse, and I can plug it directly into the battery.

It doesn’t have to be charged through the actual power module, which is this top half here. So, I’m going to go ahead and fully charge both of these batteries up. So, that way, I can properly connect everything. I’ve got my battery here, got my wall charger plugged in. I’m gonna go ahead and get it in the OFF position then connect it, and then turn it ON.

Display Solar Generator

Okay, when this light turns green, it’ll be fully charged. I’m gonna do the exact same for the other one. Now, you can see, I got both of them hooked up. I don’t know how long this is gonna take. I don’t know at what state of charge these come in, but I want to make sure. I do the proper setup. So, I’m just gonna let these top OFF before I even try to connect them.

Okay, these are completely charged up. You can see, the one red light, and the one green light. I’ve got a charger on each battery. There’s one of the things that’s really nice about the Titan is, I don’t have to have the power module in order to charge batteries. So, one of the questions that I’ve had people ask is,  can I charge the batteries without the power module? And the answer is yes.

And the cool advantage of this is to say that there’s a series of days where it’s very dark and gloomy, and there’s not really any production from the solar panels. Well, you can use something like a gas generator,  you can carry the battery over to the generator very easily, and just plug it straight into the battery, and then you know, when it’s topped OFF. Because these green lights come ON.

So, now what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna take these batteries. I’m gonna join them together, put the power module on top, and get it all the way going here. These batteries only weigh 35 pounds, and they have a handle here, as well. So, they can be carried briefcase style, and it’s got these pockets on the sides. So, they’re actually really easy to maneuver around.

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Titan Generator Solar Portable
Titan Generator Solar Portable
Price: $3,595.00 $2,995.00
Titan Generator Solar Portable is the most versatile, expandable, and powerful portable solar generator on planet earth. With the power to expand with stacking lithium-ion batteries and add up two 2,000 watts in solar panels, it can run nearly anything. This is a 3,000 watt and 120v inverter.


Now, before I attach this battery to the other battery. I need to remove these little plates here, and I  have to do this for the battery that’s going on top of the first battery. This is one of the reasons, why I like this, instead of getting a different external battery like a Battleborn. Not only is it cheaper which ends up saving a good chunk of money, because these things aren’t cheap.

But, on top of that, I don’t have to deal with any cables or worry about shorting anything out. Because this is designed in order to be stacked like this. So, it makes it a hundred times easier which for me not having to worry about short-circuiting anything, or starting a fire is really nice. So, this one will go ON all. I got to do is line up the legs, and kind of ease it ON, really easy.

Now, I’m just gonna attach clips here, a very easy to get power module. Let stick that on top, this also weighs right about 35,  32 pounds, something like that. This is pretty easy to move around on very straightforward, and let’s turn it ON powers right up. You can see, it says it’s got 74 amp powers because it comes preset for one battery.

Solar Generator Data

So, now I need to reprogram 248 amp-hours. In order to do that, I hold the okay button. It comes into the programming here, and I click OK. It’s gonna start working on this line, click OK. Now, this is the hundreds mark, I click the up arrow goes to one, click OK goes to the tens. You need to go to for 148, and powers, then to get out of it, just hit the back button twice.

Solar Generator Setup

Now, it’s at 148 amp hours, 100%. It’s drawing 9% because the inverter is turned ON. It’s telling me, I’ve got 29.1 volts and it’s drawing 0.33 amps. In order to make those nine Watts, and just like that, my Titans are ready to go. I am super stoked to use this thing. We’re actually working on a couple of different projects where we’re thinking of being able to run this full-time at a specific location.

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