SimpliPhi Battery Product Series Overview

SimpliPhi Battery Product Series Overview

SimpliPhi Battery Product Series Overview – Today, we’re gonna be talking about our various five batteries these come in different sizes from 730 watt-hours all the way up to 3.8 kilowatt-hours. These batteries are built in different sizes so that we can scale up or scale down to fit any project. Lithium iron phosphate batteries have serious advantages. They need a noble ventilation system whatsoever as they do not off-gas.

SimpliPhi Battery Product Series Overview

SimpliPhi Battery Product Series Overview

They also are clean and do not cause thermal runaway. A lot of batteries like your cobalt-based batteries will have a chance of thermal runaway which can lead to a fire. Unlike other batteries, these batteries actually have 98% efficiency. We can also use 80 to 100 percent depth of discharge, meaning there’s actually more usable capacity within each of these batteries. The Phi battery is also maintenance-free and offers an industry-leading warranty.  This is up to ten thousand cycles or ten years.

SimpliPhi Battery

Another big advantage of the SimpliPhi battery is its fast charge and discharge rate. This allows us to cover higher demand loads, such as maybe an air conditioner, or a well pump. Each SimpliPhi battery also comes with an integrated battery management system, or sometimes you hear called BMS. This helps protect the battery as well as perform cell balancing. Each battery also comes with a circuit breaker. This allows for safe shipping, ease of installation, and also adds a second level of protection to each battery.

You’ll notice the SimpliPhi battery is built in a very small form factor. This helps with ease of installation. It helps us scale energy and power very easily, and also allows for us to fit these batteries in very tight spaces. Even though the SimpliPhi battery comes in a very small form factor, it actually offers higher power and energy density than other batteries. Since these batteries are not prone to thermal runaway, they actually require no cooling system, and no ventilation, not needing to buy this extra equipment allows for a lower upfront cost as well as a lower.

Simpliphi PHI 3800 Watt

Simpliphi PHI 3800 Watt
Simpliphi PHI 3800 Watt
Price: $2,990.79 $2,679.90
The PHI 3.8 kWh 60 Amp deep-cycle Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) battery is optimized with proprietary cell architecture, power electronics, BMS, and assembly methods.


Overall, the lifetime cost of the battery these batteries are perfect for various applications whether it’s a drop-in lead-acid replacement. Actually, replacing old batteries or maybe installing a new system like a grid-tied battery backup, our team here at SimpliPhi power is always happy to help with any system, design product information, or any questions that you might have.

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