Review ElecHive 2200 Portable Power station

Review ElecHive 2200 Portable Power station

Review ElecHive 2200 Portable Power station – There are situations when you need a serious power supply. Regretfully, most of the time, they’re either underpowered or just too darn large, heavy, and complicated just like how our ZeroBreeze Mark II is known as the world’s smallest portable AC. The ZeroBreeze have always specialized in taking large and heavy appliances compact without any compromise on its performance.

Review ElecHive 2200 Portable Power station

This time, they’re bringing to you the ZeroBreeze ElecHive 2200 portable battery power station. The ElecHive employs the latest battery technology. It’s slightly larger than a basketball. It’s got a lot of power in it. We’re talking about 2,400 watts of power, and this my friends is how many batteries it would take for a traditional power station to reach a similar capacity. From now on, these are just a thing of the past.

ElecHive Portable 2500 Wh

ElecHive Portable 2500 Wh
ElecHive Portable 2500 Wh
MSRP Price: $2,499.00
Your Price: $1,899.00 (Limited Time)
The ElecHive 2200 is a game-changer in the world of generators! Thanks to its advanced battery pack technology, the ElecHive 2200 has definitely reached the ultimate energy density for a product of its kind.

ElecHive 2200 Demonstrating

I won’t even bother demonstrating how to charge an iPhone with it because that would be a joke compared to what I’m about to show you. This is a Festool compound sliding meter saw. It requires 1,600 watts of power to operate. Using most power stations on the market, this would be very challenging to use. With the required peak power as high as 3,500 watts, it presents a great challenge to the power supply unit.

sliding meter saw

But with our powerful 2200 watt pure sine wave technology back in the core, it will handle situations like this just fine. Under normal operating conditions a fully charged ElecHive will last the saw for almost two hours. I think by now, you’ve got a pretty good idea of just how tough and powerful this bad boy is.

Outdoor Use

All right, let’s go have some fun, let’s pretend you’re at a typical campsite. You just finished setting up a table in a tent for your family but you are a little upset because you don’t have enough space in your car to store all things you want to bring camping. But don’t worry, the compact nature of the ElecHive means you will never have to compromise storage space. Every cubic inch ZeroBreeze ElecHive saves in your trunk translates into more space for your food and beer.

ZeroBreeze ElecHive saves


The ElecHive lasts a very long time, whether it’s hair drying, powering an AC unit for up to 12 hours, grilling steaks, or even powering a Dometic fridge for up to two weeks. It’s all possible on a full charge. And it keeps the party going all night long. Anyway, charging the ElecHive is a breeze. Aside from using outlets and car chargers. The MPPT high-efficiency solar charging is also available at your fingertips, and if you use multiple solar panels, you can cut down the charging time in half. If there’s the sun there’s the power.

ElecHive 2200

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    I’m convinced that ElecHive is paying for positive reviews. It originated on IndieGogo and most of us have not received our units despite paying (in my case) almost $2000 and waiting over two years,

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