BLUETTI AC200Max 2200w

BLUETTI AC200Max 2200w Solar Generator

BLUETTI AC200Max 2200w Solar Generator With B230 LiFePO4 Modular Battery – Introducing the new Bluetti ac200 max. This solar power station is an upgrade from the current Bluetti AC200P. It has the same 3500 cycles, 2048 watt-hour, lithium iron phosphate battery, but with many upgraded features including a new 2200 watt pure sine inverter, a 30 amp RV hookup modular battery support, and mobile app control for both android and apple.

BLUETTI AC200Max 2200w Solar Generator

What’s New in AC200Max 2200w?

It has an MPPT solar controller built-in that can handle a whopping 1400 watts of solar and can charge in as little as 2 hours. Now, let’s take a closer, look at this 62-pound solar generator, a lot of new upgrades over the AC200P, such as the ability to finally charge from a single solar panel. I know that was the bane of the existence of many of you out there who had the AC200P.

BLUETTI AC200Max 2200w

1. The ability to send solar

Also new is the ability to send solar into the DC adapter port using a special adapter. So, in other words,  you can send solar into the solar port, and solar into the typically AC wall charging part. So, you can double your pleasure, double your fun, for you with double the solar. The original AC200P only supported up to 700 watts of solar. This model supports up to 1400 that’s 900 through the solar MPPT port and 500 through the DC charge port.

AC200Max charging speed

This means is, if you max out the solar on the max, you can max out the charge in under 2 hours max. They finally added a pair of 18 watts quick charge ports that replace the dummy 5 volts regular USB ports that they had on the AC200P. They also bumped up the 60 watts power delivery port to a 100 watts power delivery port, good for DC charging, a MacBook, or another high-end laptop.

New Arrival

Bluetti AC200 Max AC300
Bluetti AC200 Max AC300
MSRP Price: $2,099.00
Early Bird Price: $1,699.00
Introducing the new Bluetti ac200 max. This solar power station is an upgrade from the current Bluetti AC200P. It has the same 3500 cycles, 2048 watt-hour, lithium iron phosphate battery, but with many upgraded features including a new 2200 watt pure sine inverter

2. Add Multiple Ports

DC charging is by far the best way to charge your devices because it doesn’t waste a lot of power as AC does. Of course, the AC200 max still has the 20 amp 120 volts outputs, but finally adds the coveted 30 amp RV port, which means you can finally hook your van, RV trailer, or 30 amp motor home, right here into the Bluetti without using any adapters, and after loads of requests, Bluetti has finally added mobile app control to their products just like they have for the EP500.

Now, I’ve only used the app, so far the updated the firmware on this but I will cover the app in more detail in a separate article.

BLUETTI AC200Max ports

3. New external battery pack

Of course, one of the biggest changes is the addition of these new external 2000 watt-hour battery packs. Many of you wanted to expand the power of your Bluetti officially without screwing a bunch of used laptop batteries together. In a workshop, the b230 battery packs are more than just external batteries.  They actually offer their own outputs.

You have a 12 volt regulated output a 100 watts power delivery USB port, and 18 watts quick charge USB ports. And you can charge these individuals with their own chargers, or plug them into the AC200 max,  and charge them all together. Since you’re gonna run up to two of these with your AC200 max, this gives you far more higher-powered outputs than the competition.

B300 External Battery

Bluetti AC200 Max AC300 Specifications

SpecificationsAC 300AC200 Max
Power3000W continuous, 6000W surge2200W continuous, 4800W surge
BatteryWorks with B300’s starts at 3072 Wh LiFePO42048 Wh Built-in, LiFePO4
Weight20 kg / 44 lbs28.1 kg / 61.9 lbs
Dimension13.9 x 20.5 x 11.8 inch15.2 x 16.5 x 11 inch
ConnectionsBluetooth & Wi-FiBlueTooth
Solar Input2400W (12-150V)900W (10-145V)
Max Solar Input

(Solar+AC Simultaneously)

5400W (requires at least 2 B300’s)1400W
Early Bird Price$2899 (AC300 + 1*B300), $800 OFF$1699, $400 OFF
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Final Words

BLUETTI AC200Max 2200w – Well, first, this is called innovation. Apple comes out with a new phone every year. You should expect any successful tech company is going to be updating its product line at least once a year. So honestly, I don’t know how they do it, I’m starting to think they have some former Tesla employees, or something working for them.

Because they are really firing out these new products, left and right anyway, owners of the now Triassic AC200 and Jurassic AC200P grab a hanky and dry away those salty tears, because I have some kick-ass news for you, and that is that the B230 external two-kilowatt battery pack is in fact, backward compatible with your old models.

So, you can expand your battery on both the AC200 and AC200P. They were released way back in 2020 and 2021 respectively. I’ll go into a lot more detail and typical testing when the AC200 Max is available for retail pre-order.

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  1. I wonder why every single review I have seen and read or watched of these Bluetti AC200Max generators never seems to get around to addressing the all-important question of: How long can the AC200MAX keep a full sized refrigerator running? Second to that question, which is also mysteriously avoided is: How long can the AC200MAX keep a full sized Deep Freezer running?

    Those are the two most critical and important appliances for anyone who doesn’t want to lose hundreds of dollars of food during a 2-5 day long power outage. And, granted – people who are seriously worried about these kinds of losses probably already own a gas generator – but, what if the gas station pumps have no electricity for an extended period of time and can’t pump gas? This is the niche that, I think, these Bluetti AC200MAX Solar Power stations are perfectly suited for – to serve as a backup to a gas generator if the outage lasts beyond the supply of gasoline and people are unable to refill their gas jugs.

    So, again – the two questions I posed above NEED TO BE ANSWERED and HONESTLY addressed instead of being
    strangely avoided.

    1. Just For Comparisson:

      EB55 Has been powering my full-size refrigerator (set at 0F Freezer/39F refer) ambient temp. 76F for 2.5 hours now flawlessly and displays 60% battery life remaining. The compressor has cycled on and off flawlessly. The working trick to avoid the high inrush starting current (24A!) from overloading the EB55 was to wait 10 minutes after de-energizing the refrigerator from the utility to reenergize with the power station inverter.

      Actually, I had my AC200P running a 26 cu/in Fridge and a 28 cu/in the freezer for weeks with a 700+W of solar and works awesome.

      The Max is not yet delivered. The reason I put my experience with the 200P is that the MAX is supposed to perform better.

      no one has tried it doesn’t mean it’s hidden

    2. It will run a full size refrigerator about 19 hours. Hook up solar panels to it and if you have sun, the unit will run continuously off the panels during the day and off the battery at night. Install a switch on your freezer defrost heater so you can turn it off during a power outage and the battery will last longer. About 100 watts running, about 500 watts running with the defrost heater on.

      1. Thank you @Archstone, You are very helpful 🙂

  2. My thinking tells me that due to the high cost of gasoline, and the potential for the electric pumps to not be working during a prolonged power outage – a good strategy would be for the owners of a gasoline generator and who have a limited supply of gas on hand (maybe 2 or 3, 5-gallon jugs) would be to hook up their refrigerators or freezers to the AC200MAX and then only use the gas generators to recharge the AC200MAX. For instance, if the AC200MAX drops to below 80 % charged, fire up the gas generator and top off the AC200MAX. This would only require the gas generator to run for about an hour or so, instead of running it consistently to power the appliance all on it’s own. You can thereby conserve your limited gas supply and take maximum advantage of the capabilities of the AC200MAX.

    And, hope that the gas station’s power gets restored so you can go refill your gas jugs. Oh, and one other benefit that the AC200MAX can offer. You can leave it unattended, inside your house, while you make a run to get more gas or to get other supplies. You couldn’t do that with a gas generator, unless you had a family member stay behind to keep and eye on it.

    1. Thank you @Tucker 🙂

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