SunGold Power Inverter with Charger

SunGold Power Inverter with Charger – SunGold power is a reliable company specialized in high-quality green power products. Today, we’re introducing you to 4.000 watts split-phase pure sine wave inverter charger. This Sun Gold Power 4000 watt split phase inverter is a combination of an inverter battery charger and AC auto-transfer switch.

SunGold Power Inverter with Charger

SunGold Power Quick Look

It is capable of delivering fully-rated 4,000 watts with an exceptional 300% surge capacity for 20 seconds which can work for big loads, such as a water pump. This inverter is split face providing 120 volts and 240 volts output. At the back of the unit, you will find several features. The negative and positive DC terminals are located on the back of the inverter. One black, one red, and covers included.

SunGold Power Inverter with Charger

SunGold Power Features

There are several ports such as a remote control port, an extra led, switch panel connected to the remote control port. The DC side of the inverter can control the operation of the inverter. Under the remote control port are five dip switches. These dip switches control, the low battery trip, volt AC input range,  power save mode frequency for 50 and 60 hertz, and battery AC priority mode.

The battery priority mode allows you to choose your battery bank off-grid. So, you can use renewable power from wind-solar systems before going to utility power. There is an auto generator start feature that allows the generator to be started by the inverter when battery voltage drops to a low battery alarm. It will send a signal to start a generator and turn the generator off after battery charging is finished.

battery priority mode

This function needs the generator must have an auto-start function. An optional battery temperature sensor can be connected to monitor your battery bank. It will automatically adjust voltage or turn ON/OFF the charger base on the temperature to prolong your battery life. The ground terminal is under the battery temperature sensor terminal.

battery temperature sensor

It will prevent the high voltage in the case of an inverter in the event of leakage. The AC connect terminal block is on the other side of the inverter which allows you to wire your AC input and output. The inverter outputs 120, 240 volts, and requires 240 volts input to charge the battery and bypassing power. There are three positions ON/OFF switch on the top of the inverter.


Price: $1,199.00 $995.00
Auto Gen Start: the inverter can be customized to start up a generator when the battery voltage goes low. When the inverter goes to a low battery alarm, it can send a signal to start a generator and turn the generator off after battery charging is finished.

Next to the ON/OFF switch is the battery type selector that allows you to set charging voltage according to the battery type, such as LiFePO4 battery lithium battery, AGM battery, and gel battery. There is also a battery current control knob that allows you to control the amount of current going to your batteries.  The last part is the led indicator which can monitor the real-time operation of the inverter.

Lastly is the DC fan, its speed control bases on internal heat sink temperature, battery charging current,  and loads percentage. Sun gold power will always do its best to serve customers and do hope every customer can get what they want with a happy shopping experience.

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