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Titan Solar Generator Canada

Titan Solar Generator Canada – Point Zero has taken primarily a year’s worth of knowledge and requests and compiled it into one photovoltaic generator: The Titan. The Titan Solar Generator exceeds our expectations and standards and we believe that it will likely be years earlier than one other solar generator will reach its degree.

Titan Solar Generator Canada

Quick Look

Titan Generator Solar Portable
CompanyPoint ZeroBattery Capacity2000 Wh
ProductTitan GeneratorInverter Continuous3000 W
Open For Full Specifications

This is the Titan Solar Generator. It is essentially the most versatile, expandable, and highly effective transportable solar generator on planet earth. With the power to develop with stacking lithium-ion batteries and add up two 2,000 watts in photovoltaic panels, it might probably run almost something. This is a 3,000 watt and 120v inverter.

It can simply handle 10,000wh in battery capability. It can increase its photovoltaic capability to 2,000 watts which suggests it will probably charge as much as 10,000wh in a 5 hour interval. It makes use of a 24v battery setup instead of the decrease 12v as seen in other units.

Titan Generator Specifications

Battery Capacity2000 Wh
Inverter Continuous3000 W
Inverter Peak6000 W @ 10 sec
Battery TypeLithium-Ion (Lithium NMC)
Battery Lifetime Cycles2,000
Max Solar Power Input (1 Battery)1,000 Wh
Max Solar Power Input (2+ Batteries)2,000 Wh
Simultaneous ChargingYes – can use a number of charge ports at once. Allows for solar + wind or other mixtures
MPT ControllerYes
Sine Wave TypePure
Weight66lb (31lb top piece + 35lb/battery). Pieces separate for simple portability
110V Outlets6 (15 amp)
12V Outlets4 DC Cigarette Lighter (comes with detachable USB plugs installed)
RV 30A OutletYes (25A rated)
Warranty2 Years

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Best Seller

Titan Generator Solar Portable
Titan Generator Solar Portable
Price: $2,995.00
Titan Generator Solar Portable is the most versatile, expandable, and powerful portable solar generator on planet earth. With the power to expand with stacking lithium-ion batteries and add up two 2,000 watts in solar panels, it can run nearly anything. This is a 3,000 watt and 120v inverter.


Titan Generator Reviews

1. Battery Capacity

The Titan has a 2,000 watt-hour lithium-ion battery that is extremely powerful and lightweight for its functionality. The authentic model of the Titan solar generator had a 1,800-watt battery. Point Zero was in a position to put in a 2,000-watt battery that was lighter than the 1,800-watt battery which is unbelievable.

The battery is actually rated for greater than 2,000wh however it’s referred to as a 2,000wh battery as a result of you can for positive use all 2,000wh in it. Other producers will promote their “nominal” wattage which is definitely greater than what you will get out of it. However, with the Titan, they’re promoting the usable watt-hours.

Titan Solar Generator Canada

2. Weight/Portability

This is the hardest a part of the Titan, the load. We have been spoiled with the Kodiak since it only weighed 20lbs. That 20lbs was amazing and the Kodiak was superb for what it might do, being that light-weight.

However, there were many things it’s couldn’t do. The new Apex which changed the Kodiak now weighs 25lbs because it has some barely modified options. The Titan although is right in about 65lbs. 65 lbs is A LOT of weight to handle. This large with 4 clasps around the aspect, the Titan is 2 separate pieces!

3. Charge Speed

This is the toughest part for me in relation to seeing different solar items on the market. Many of them such because the Goal Zero and Humless has decent battery sizes but can’t be charged rapidly. For example, the Goal Zero 1400 Lithium takes 4.5 hours to charge with its MAXIMUM amount of photovoltaic panels related.

That’s under good circumstances which aren’t common. So it barely meets the requirement to charge in 5 hours. If it’s a cloudy day or more power is required then it’s unimaginable to charge in that 5-hour timeframe which suggests it may well’t be charged in a day, that’s a no-go for me.

4. Expandability

In the previous, it has been very exhausting to find models that might simply develop with more batteries. In actuality, not system out there had a simple expansion possibility for batteries. Plus pretty much all of them recommend expanding with lead-acid batteries, which not my favorite. The drawback with expanding with Lead-Acid type batteries is that they’re more expensive within the long run when compared to lithium-based batteries.

On top of that, it’s generally not really helpful to drain more than 50% of energy from lead-acid batteries and positively by no means beneath 30% because it can injury the battery. Also to not mention that mixing a lithium battery and a Lead-acid battery is mostly not superb. So really expandability with Lithium is greatest.

5. Life Cycle

Titan Solar Generator Canada – Lithium batteries are able to lasting not less than 2,000 cycles if the standard is high enough and they are used wisely. So why not just use the very best high quality right? That’s what the Titan has. I have seen different manufacturers use lower quality and or lower density Lithium-Ion battery cells and it nonetheless doesn’t even deliver the price down, so why do it?

The Titan has all of the options built into it to make sure that not only security measures are met however that the battery doesn’t get overworked. Not overworking the battery makes sure it will last the two,000 cycles fully.

6. Number of Plugs

This is one thing that I really like about Titan, I can plug a variety of issues into it if I need to. Units of the previous have had wherever from 2 to 4 110/120v plugs (wall outlet plugs). This made it troublesome to plug in my fridge, freezer, followers, lights, chargers, TV, and so on due to the limitations.

I was having to get power strips for single plugs which may easily trip the fuse since a lot power goes by means of one plug. I don’t like feeling like Ralphy’s Dad in “A Christmas Story” the place he plugs all the lights of the Christmas Tree into one outlet and sparks fly in every single place.

I find that on nearly all photovoltaic generators on the market, the plugs are method too close collectively. This made it arduous to plug in a number of gadgets, particularly if the plug was an enormous boxy plug. For example, the Patriot 1500 photovoltaic generator is a well known unit on the market.

One of my largest gripes with it’s firstly it only has two 110/120v plugs on it however then they’re literally smashed collectively. Any plug that has a large field on it covers the other plug.
Titan Solar Generator Canada

7. Inverter Size

The common dimension for a transportable photovoltaic generator available on the market is true round 1,500 watts. That doesn’t imply I can really use 1,500 watts until the battery is drained, but I digress. In many instances, this has sufficed since not lots of heavy-duty tools was being run. Normally simply my fridge, freezer, a fan, a light or two, and chargers is what’s run on my smaller solar generator. But that also meant that heavy-duty equipment couldn’t actually be used.

The Titan uses a 3,000-watt continuous inverter. This means 3,000 watts of energy can be utilized continuous until the battery runs out. It’s technically a 3,200-watt inverter nevertheless it’s rated to 3,000 watts in order that it’s never overworked. Brilliant!

8. RV Connectivity

There will not be many units out available on the market which have a 30amp style RV plug. There is one on the Apex generator but it’s only rated to fifteen amps in keeping with what I’ve been told. The Titan includes a 30amp style RV plug which really can easily handle 25 amps of power which is enough to run an RV no problem, just like if it were connected at a campsite to the power supply.

This is very advantageous to have a fully working 30amp RV plug for many who get pleasure from RVing, fifth Wheel/Trailer Camping, and Vanlife. There’s nothing easier than simply connecting the vehicle straight to the RV plug and running the equipment.

Yes, I know individuals are saying proper now “that’s AC power which means there’s a power loss when converted from DC power.” I’m talking about ease of use. Plug it in, and executed. With sufficient panels and even a second battery, inefficiency is taken care of and a moot point.

9. Car Charging

It is quite common for solar generators to have a automobile charger option with them. For instance, the Kodiak and Apex have automobile chargers and can charge the Kodiak/Apex in about 5 hours which isn’t dangerous at all. This means it’s charging at about 15 amps which is fairly high but normal on trendy autos. Most older automobiles have a 10amp fuse to their cigarette lighter port, others have 15 to twenty amps. We’ll contact more on this in a minute.

10. Lithium Battery

Titan Solar Generator Canada – Lithium has turn out to be very common to use these days and in my opinion, is unquestionably one of the best ways to go. There are many Youtube movies and blogs out there that specify how much more cost-efficient lithium-ion is to lead-acid. In many instances, it takes roughly 12 lead-acid batteries to equate to 1 single lithium-ion battery in terms of power, cycles, and longevity.

An excellent lithium battery is the Battle Born LiFePo4 battery. Now earlier than you get confused or jump all over me, LiFePo4 can also be known as “Lithium Iron Phosphate.” Lithium-Ion batteries are additionally known as “Lithium NMC.” The Titan uses Lithium-Ion (Lithium NMC) as a result of it’s much lighter weight. A 100ah 12v LiFePo4 Battle Born battery prices slightly below  $1,000. They are typically discovered for about $950 on-line.

12v x 100a = 1,200w. The Battle Born battery has 1,200wh of power in it. The Titan battery has 2,000wh of power in it. If I needed to add extra batteries alone to the Titan I would probably go with something just like the Battle Born as a result of they’re great batteries.

But, I would need two Battle Born batteries to get closer to the capacity of only one Titan Expansion battery. I’d also want two Battle Born batteries as a result of I would want to link them collectively to make 24v since the Titan is a 24v system.

Best Seller

Titan Generator Solar Portable
Titan Generator Solar Portable
Price: $2,995.00
Titan Generator Solar Portable is the most versatile, expandable, and powerful portable solar generator on planet earth. With the power to expand with stacking lithium-ion batteries and add up two 2,000 watts in solar panels, it can run nearly anything. This is a 3,000 watt and 120v inverter.


Final Words

Titan Solar Generator Canada – There are dozens of solar generators out there in the marketplace now. Every couple of years a new and improved unit comes out that beats earlier know-how. Point Zero appears to have taken all the things they’ve heard and discovered the previous couple of years and applied it to the Titan. I’m glad they’ve listened to others and wish to provide the highest high quality product obtainable.

The Titan is my go-to unit now and has been very happy with its performance, quality, and customer service. I believe will probably be many years till one other comes out that may beat what the Titan can do.

I personally use the Titan 1000 Flexx Kit with One Additional Expansion Battery. The Titan 1000 Flexx Kit is the #1 beneficial kit for “go-to” size and functionality. It’s giant sufficient to run issues all day and nonetheless charge the battery to full by dinner time.

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