Titan For Simple Off Grid Living

Titan For Simple Off Grid Living – Titan from Point Zero Review

Titan For Simple Off Grid Living – Titan from Point Zero Review – I love this point energy point zero energy systems, Titan model is an “all-in-one” portable solar generator with three lithium-ion batteries, So, this is a 2000 watt system, what that means is I can accept up to 2,000 watts of energy.

Titan For Simple Off Grid Living

Titan For Simple Off Grid Living

If I look inside, you can see my solar panels just sort of unceremoniously spread on the ground. I’ve got 10, 200-watt panels. Those panels right now, they’re a little bit dirty, but I’m generating 450 watts on my best day. I can get up to about probably 1200 – 1300 watts. At least in my case, I’m never gonna get 2000 watts, and part of it is because my panels maybe aren’t facing the Sun directly.

They maybe need a nice mount, but they’re working fine for right now. So, you can see, I’m at a hundred percent energy. The system itself is super easy, that it’s all in one. I don’t need to buy a separate part for a charge controller, separate parts for an inverter. It’s all in, this nice package, and then I can stack on as many lifting ion batteries as I want.

Titan For Simple Off Grid Living

Basically, it also has an out outlet over here, if I want some lead-acid batteries, which would be a cheaper way to go. But I like having everything in one spot that I can move easily. Those solar panels come in through these wires from outside and plug in right here. As you can see, there are two of them a thousand watts and a thousand watts.

And then, if it’s a cloudy day, and I don’t have any Sun, and I need more power. I’ve got this, I guess it’s an inverter. It’s to charge from a generator or some sort of AC power source. You plug this into the generator, you take this, you plug it in here, and you get up to 600 watts. Now, you can get two of them for 1200 watts.

So, you can recharge the system fairly quickly at 1200 watts, and it works really well. Now, how does this all work? So, you got your solar panels, very easy to set up. You just plug them in right here, all the connectors already come. You don’t have to buy anything separately, even the solar panels. You’ve got these like cigarette lighter sections, and they come with a little adapter.

Titan+ 2000 Rigid Kit

Titan+ 2000 Rigid Kit
Titan+ 2000 Rigid Kit
Price: $7,595.00
Whether you’re trying to run your equipment during a power outage or you are powering an off-grid location, the Titan+ 2000 Kit simply cannot be beaten with its flexibility and adaptability.

So, you can plug phones and USB ports into it, and then you also have these six AC outlets. So, you can flip it to AC and DC, or just the DC which is just the top run. I almost always leave the AC, DC, and then it’s got this 30 amp RV plug which is what I plug my RV into. So, I take this plug, and I run it through an extension cord, and it runs outside through this little cut in the window which I need to suit your up, and then it plugs directly into the RV.

So, it’s a fantastic system, you can hear it firing up right now. It’s got a 6000-watt peak, and a 3000 watt continuous. You can see right now, I’m at 100%, it’s generating 440 watts. I’ve got 222 amp hours ready to go. It is a basic system, it’s not fancy. This is the only display you get, you don’t make a lot of changes to the configuration unless you’re adding or removing batteries.

Titan For Simple Off Grid Living

There’s no app, there’s no Wi-Fi control, there’s nothing you really need to control. You just look at this panel, and you can see, if it’s blinking, it’s charging up. If it’s solid green, it’s draining, and this is how much battery life you’ve got left.

Final Words

Titan For Simple Off Grid Living – So, overall this system is fantastic. If you need something simple for your RV, this system itself the 2000 watt runs about $7,500, which is the more expensive on the more expensive side batteries. I forget how much they are, I think they want to be like $1500 each. So, they’re all also quite expensive, but overall,  fantastic system.

I really cannot say enough, good things what I like most about it is very simple. I just ordered this one system. I didn’t have to buy any parts, I didn’t have to buy any cables, I didn’t even have to buy the solar panels. I just have to plug everything in, and it works. The only thing I bought is this extension cord for the RV, but looking for an easy solar system, this is it.

Point zero energy is amazing specs. It’s hard to find something on paper that’s gonna have 6,000 peaks, 3000 continuous, especially for that price range. So, I’d really recommend it.

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