JACKERY EXPLORER 1500 Solar Generator Review

JACKERY EXPLORER 1500 Solar Generator Review

JACKERY EXPLORER 1500 Solar Generator Review | 1800w 1500wh Dual MPPT Portable Power Station – We already know this is going to be good, but the real question is how good? Let’s find out, so what’s in the box. Well, it’s actually a bag as if you know anything about Jackery products, they always give you a bag of goodies.

JACKERY EXPLORER 1500 Solar Generator Review

This one has the AC wall charger brick which this thing’s pretty damn heavy, and they give you the 12-volt cable. That’s really it. That’s all in the bag. Of course, they gave you a user manual, and it says you get one of these.

Weight33.1 lbsCapacity1488Wh
ChemistryLi-ion BatteriesBattery Life8 Years
Open For Full Specifications

JACKERY EXPLORER 1500 Solar Generator Review

These are they call them parallel adapters but I have my doubts that they actually do parallel, and I’ll explain that later, and then they also give you this adapter. It’s an 8-millimeter adapter. It has a thin pin eight-millimeter on one side and a thicker pin eight-millimeter on the other, and I’m sure there are measurements for that.

The Jackery Explorer 1500 Quick Look

I’ll have to look those up and put them at the bottom of the screen for those of you that actually care about these things. Let’s take a look at the manual, now, I was totally wrong calling this a user manual.  Obviously, this is for the user manual.

It says solar panel parallel cable and they only include one, but I got two in my box, and that would be for four solar panels. And they do sell a four solar panel kit. If you register your Jackery product, they extend the warranty from two years to three years which is pretty awesome.

JACKERY EXPLORER 1500 Solar Generator Review

They give you some basic information. They tell you how to charge it with solar which is pretty straightforward. They do actually tell you in the book. Now, how to reset? This has been a long time, the thing you can do with Jackery. If you hold down the display button for 13 seconds, it will actually reset the battery monitor in there.

So, it will basically readjust itself if it’s out of whack. Now, it says here, the explorer 1500 uses an intelligent temperature control, when an AC is turned on, the fan does not turn on, only when the temperature rises to a certain degree then the fans turn on. I want you to remember this.

The Jackery Explorer 1500 Inside

Okay, and for those of you, that asks how long can it power certain things?

Here you go, and that’s all manual written. Okay, battery capacity this sports a 1488 lithium-ion battery using Panasonic NMC cells with an 800 cycle life to 80 capacity, say that 10 times fast. So, 80 capacity for those you new, means that you don’t throw this away after 800 cycles. It loses the top 20 percent of the battery, you can still continue to use it for many years with the remaining capacity of the battery. They do claim an 8-year battery life based on the average use.

JACKERY EXPLORER 1500 Solar Generator Review

Case as for size and weighs approximately 14 inches long by 13 inches wide by 10 inches high. And only 32.3 pounds as weight in the lab. As for build quality, this is ABS plastic, all the way around, it does have the Jackery rubberized orange feet, and the typical big honking handle. The Jackery Explorer 1500 and 2000 has this nice new blingy color display that not only shows the battery percentage but shows it with this cool little spinny circle thing, that’s guaranteed to drive your cats nuts.

It also shows the input and output watts, and as well as the charge and discharge times. Now, this is a first for Jackery and puts this display at the top of its class compared to competitors. Something else brand new for the Jackery is an 1800 watt pure sine inverter with a 3600-watt peak, and that’s through three 20 amp AC outlets.

JACKERY EXPLORER 1500 Solar Generator Review

This is the first time that Jackery has ever exceeded 15 amps which is better late than never. As for MPPT, this actually has two inputs on it. So, these are independent simultaneous charging ports that are both eight millimeters. They are both MPPT controllers, so you can have different voltages coming into each one of these ports.

The Jackery Explorer 1500 Ways to charge

Now, I’ll go into this in detail in a bit as for ways to charge. Of course, you can charge some ac wall outlet with this big honking brick, expect about five and a half hours to charge it from dead. Now, this does support dual independent charging, so you can buy a second one of these power bricks, plug it into the second input, and cut those numbers in half.

And each one of the MPPT controllers supports up to 300 watts of charging. So, you can actually run 600 watts of solar into this, up to 52 volts. Again a first for Jackery to finally allow solar panels in series,  now at max solar, you can expect a charge from dead in around three hours which is exceptional again for Jackery.

And of course, the Jackery can also charge from a 12-volt car with the included adapter, and that takes about 15 hours, and as for 12-volt output types. The Jackery only includes a single 12-volt output, and that’s the cigarette lighter adapter that is regulated at 13 volts, and it’s good for 10 amps oddly. They don’t offer any 5.5 millimeter or six millimeters outputs as they do on pretty much all their other power stations.

Jackery Explorer 1500

Jackery Explorer 1500
Jackery Explorer 1500
Price: $1,599.00
The Jackery Explorer 1500 brings the power – that is stable, safe, and it offers huge 1488Wh capacities, 1800W AC outputs, and a fast recharging efficiency, which will run up to 7 appliances all together at once. It will suit your need, and restore happiness – whenever, wherever, for camping, RV/Van life, any outdoor activities, or emergency home backup.

As for USB output types, on the 1500 you get a single 60-watt uni-directional power delivery port. You cannot charge through this port as output, only they do offer a single 18-watt quick charge port and a single USB-A port. And don’t forget, the most important and most amazing feature on this 32-pound device, and that is this one-watt flashlight.

So, of course, I took the Jackery Explorer 1500 into my secret laboratory and performed all kinds of crazy experiments on it. So, let’s go ahead and enjoy one more double-fisted capacity test.

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