Bigbattery Powerblock LiFePO4 Reviews

Bigbattery Powerblock LiFePO4 Reviews

Bigbattery Powerblock LiFePO4 Reviews – Today, we’re testing out the Bigbattery Powerblock. This is the 12-volt model and the 24-volt model, and this model has 2.2 kilowatt-hours and this model has 4.4 kilowatt-hours. That’s because this has four 170 amp-hour cells and this has eight cells.

Bigbattery Powerblock LiFePO4 Reviews

Bigbattery Powerblock LiFePO4 Reviews

So, they’re practically the same battery, just in a different form factor in voltage, and previously, we tested the 12-volt model, but the low temp charging protection did not work. So, we’re going to take this apart, and ensure that works, then we’re gonna do a capacity test with my CVA4 and amplifier system,  just to see what results that we get, and the more cells that you have in a pack.

The more crucial it is to do a capacity test. If there are mismatched cells, it will show in the capacity test results instantly. Plan use cases for stationary storage for off-grid or on-grid. If you get a Sol-Ark inverter, you could put two of these in series, and then use that as your backup storage.

Bigbattery Powerblock LiFePO4 Reviews

Powerblock First Impression

And before we do our testing, let’s talk about how this pack differs from other packs on the market. First, it has an on and off switch, with the voltage readout monitor. And then, on the side, we have an Anderson connector, and this is how you connect it to your system and sold separately is the Anderson connector to ring terminals.

I made this one, but you can buy the same thing from Bigbattery for 14.99. They also have parallel and series connection cables, and they’re gonna come out with a kit soon with two gauge wires, and a bus bar.  Then you can connect multiple batteries for a very large system.

Last week, I also did a price per kilowatt-hour comparison of all of my batteries, and these are actually almost the same cost as a Sok battery. These are 45 cents per kilowatt hour, and an Sok is 44 cents per kilowatt hour, and this 24 volt pack is 35 cents per kilowatt hour. Unlike other batteries, this one comes with a 300 amp fuse that’s replaceable and over current protection on the BMS.

Bigbattery Powerblock LiFePO4 Reviews

So, it has double protection and this was not on the previous model. They have a void if removed because they actually have a new warranty now, and Bigbattery’s new warranty is for 10 years. If you have any problems with any of these batteries, they will replace them. So, this sticker did not come off with the case. So, this was not put on properly, and the temperature sensor seems to have a shorter lead than previously.

BigBattery Product Testing

Now, the temperature sensor is on the other side. So, let’s test it, I love this design, you can swap out these cells in seconds. This is very easy to work on, by the way, the battery Evo is owned by Bigbattery. Bigbattery is actually a larger company than most people realize. They are pretty massive.

Bigbattery Powerblock LiFePO4 Reviews

So, right now, it is charging with a power supply. We’re going to dip this temperature sensor lead into this frozen saltwater, and hopefully, it will stop charging. Now, the sensor is inside the water, look at that, and the current dropped to zero. Now, let’s heat it up, and see if it’ll start charging, and it’s charging again. So, this works perfectly.

Luckily, Bigbattery fixed this problem. It was a pretty easy fix, they just have to reflash the firmware on the BMS. That’s pretty much, that was the only concern I had with this battery when I first did the teardown and tested it. And previously, the company thought that these cells could be charged at. I think negative 20 degrees celsius, and they were incorrect.

Bigbattery Powerblock LiFePO4 Reviews

I got the datasheet, and the number said zero. So, it’s nice that they did this update, and yeah this pack for the price is pretty dam good, and unlike the Sok battery. This one is actually in stock. People have been trying to buy the Sok battery for good reason. It’s a nice battery, but every single shipment that comes in is pretty much out within a few days.

Now, that we know that this one works. We’re going to test out the 24-volt model with a capacity test. This is 92 pounds, so be very careful, if you have a bad back or knees, you need to be very careful while lifting this thing. This thing is huge. This battery is so big, that it could not fit vertically at my test station.

BigBattery 24V LiFePO4 6kWh

BigBattery 24V GRILA LiFePO4 6kWh
BigBattery 24V GRILA LiFePO4 6kWh
Price: $2,399.00
BigBattery 24V GRILA LiFePO4 Powerwall 6kWh / 240Ah [Gen 3]| Lithium Solar Battery + NO Sales Tax & Lifetime Customer Support $0.39 Cents Per Watt Hour! Best Prices. Guaranteed. 10-Year Warranty. USA Made. Order Yours Today.

Now, we’re charging this battery with a 24-volt charger, and we’ll come back in a few hours.

So, we’re at 29.4 volts, we hit high voltage disconnect, and the current has dropped to zero. So now, we’re going to conduct our capacity test, and this is the CBA four, and one amplifier. This is a really nice system for testing large batteries, and getting a SOC curve.

And now, the test has begun. So, we’ll come back in about five hours, and we’ll have our results. We pulled 4459 watt-hours, we pulled 172 amp-hours. These cells always pull their rated capacity. Now, the big question is, if you should actually spend your money on this, versus other batteries on the market,  and I think that will depend on personal preference.

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