Jackery Explorer 1000 VS EcoFlow Delta 1300

Jackery Explorer 1000 VS EcoFlow Delta 1300

Jackery Explorer 1000 VS EcoFlow Delta 1300 – This is something I definitely wanted to try when I first got these battery packs. This entire studio, all the lights right now, everything is being powered off of this right here, which is the Ecoflow 1300. So, you might hear a little bit of a fan noise coming from this right here, because the microphone is right above it, but everything you’re seeing here is, lit up.

Jackery Explorer 1000 VS EcoFlow Delta 1300

I have my Godox right here, I have my Gvm light, I also have my aperture light right here, and another Gvm backlight right here, as well as, a smaller Lume cube light giving me a little bit of front light. But,  everything in the studio right now, which is really cool is all powered off of this right here now, with everything powered on.

Jackery Explorer 1000 VS EcoFlow Delta 1300

What Can They Charge?

As far as their settings go, I’m only using 92 watts of power, and I plugged it in at 99. It’s been on for about about 10 minutes now, and I’m at 97 battery life on this right here. Letting me know that just with everything plugged into it, that I should be able to keep going for about 13 hours. Let me power this down, and of course, I have my laptop right here, so that’s the light going OFF of one Lume cube in my laptop.

Now, let me get everything powered ON over here, I don’t even know if you guys can see me right now, or how well you can see me, there’s one, there’s two, and these are my front fill and my backlight.

EcoFlow And Jackery Price

We have the Jackery and the Ecoflow delta now, when we talk about power, this one is 1800 watt where this one is 1000 watt. Now, as far as capacity goes, the EcoFlow does have a larger capacity at 1260 watt-hours, where the Jackery 1000, actually has 1002 watt-hours as far as capacity goes now. With that larger capacity, also means there’s a little bit higher of a price point on it.

Initially, this EcoFlow is 1399 and this Jackery one will run you about a little over a thousand dollars. However, I know that we’re black Friday, or for this week alone, there’s definitely a lot of sales out there. I believe the Ecoflow right now, and of course, I’ll have that information as far as the accurate pricing goes on screen as well as down below.

EcoFLow Delta 1300Jackery Explorer 1000
EcoFLow Delta 1300
Price: $1,399.00Price: $999.99
Sale: $1,199.00Sale: $899.99

I believe right now, they’re gonna have the Ecoflow for about two to three hundred dollars off, as well the Jackery is going to be a one-day sale for about another hundred dollars off. So, if you are looking at one of these types of battery packs that can really power a lot, we’ll talk a little bit more about that. Definitely, this might be a nice time to look at them, because there’s going to be a lot of discounts coming up within this week.

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DELTA 1300 Power Station
DELTA 1300 Power Station
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EcoFlow And Jackery Features

As far as the ports go, on the Jackery Explorer 1000, you do have two USB-C, two USB standards, one DC car port, and three ac outlets. All with pure sine wave now, with those ports and the AC outlets, you are of course able to charge up all of your gear, all of your computers, all of your devices things on, the healthcare side like a CPAP, or even if you have something outdoors like an electric grill.

You are able to charge all of that, and also if you want to hook up things, like a mini-fridge, a blender, a coffee maker, or even a TV, you’re able to do that with all the ports here on the front. Now, both these power packs, of course, are able to be powered up by solar panels. I do have the Jackery solar saga 100 solar panels, I don’t have the actual Ecoflow ones that they make, but I was able to hook up one of my 100-watt panels here to the Ecoflow.

So, I was able to power this up and as far as the Jackery goes. There is something that they pan to which is called the x stream technology that’s the reason why you’re able to charge this up so fast, a lot faster than some of the ones out there on the market.

As far as charging off of solar, they are rating it to be about 4 – 8 hours that’s based on using four panels, however, at 110 watts so a little bit different, as far as the charging for each one of these, because of how many panels are being used, and how much water is used, but just know, it’d be about 4 – 8 hours very similar to this right here, which is about eight hours.

Jackery Explorer 1000

Jackery Explorer 1000
Price: $999.00 $899.00
Jackery Explorer 1000 is one of the most powerful portable power stations. With 1002Wh capacity, 1000W rated power (2000W surge power), and multiple output charge/recharge ports, it meets the power supply needs of higher and most power electrical appliances.


Now, when it comes to Ecoflow, just like the Jackery, if you’re using it for something like home use, you could power up a fridge that’s about 150 watts for about seven to ten hours of the Ecoflow, also if you want to use a microwave, oven, television, hairdryer, as well as a coffee maker.

Now, one of the marketing things that Ecoflow does talk about, is that you’re able to actually power up a car. So, if you have an EV, it can take about 1800 watts, and it can get you about five to seven kilometers off of this battery pack. I was testing out some of the other battery packs, I just didn’t really think and understand exactly, how much power is actually being drawn, even from something like a basic hairdryer, until I started powering them up of these portable banks.

You can watch the video for details.


Delta 1300Explorer 1000
Capacity (Wh)12601002
Voltage (V)1221.6
Draw Capacity (Wh)18001002
Pure SineYesYes
Continuous (W)18001002
Peak (W)33002000

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