Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit 12K

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Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit – Sol-Ark 12K / 15K – 120/240V Output + [20.4kwH Server Rack Battery Bank] + 8,760W of Solar | 10-Year Warranty.

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  • 1 x Sol-Ark All-in-One Inverter / Charger (48VDC Split-Phase 120/240V Output) – 10-Year Warranty
  • 24 x 365 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels – 25-Year Power Output Warranty
  • 4 x 5.1kWh Jakiper PRO Server Rack Batteries [10.2KWH] – 10-Year Warranty
  • and more


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Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit 12K- Sol-Ark 12K / 15K – 120/240V Output + [20.4kwH Server Rack Battery Bank] + 8,760W of Solar | 10-Year Warranty – Solar kits include high quality, server rack batteries along with high efficiency monocrystalline solar panels and the Sol-Ark, all in one inverter/charger – giving you the best quality solar equipment at an unbeatable price point. SRK-PRO comes with 4 x 5.12kwH server rack batteries along with the battery racking system, giving you over 20kwh+ of battery capacity!

Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit 12K

Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit 12K can power just about anything you need in an off-grid situation. With over 9,000 Watts of continuous split phase (120/240V output) inverter setup, your SRK solar kit is powerful enough to run lights, fridges, cabins, workshops, homes, well-pump, and more! Easily expandable in the future, you can add more batteries and more solar panels as you need.

You might have already noticed this, but most off-grid solar kits available today only include a 120V output inverter which is NOT able to run things like a 240V well-pump, dryer, air conditioner, and more. When you buy this solar kit, which includes built-in 120V and 240V power output, you’ll be in a much better position when it comes to long-term versatility and reliability.

What’s Included With Your Order

  • Ships from the USA!
  • 1 x Sol-Ark All-in-One Inverter / Charger (48VDC Split-Phase 120/240V Output) – 10-Year Warranty
  • 24 x 365 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels – 25-Year Power Output Warranty
  • 4 x 5.1kWh Jakiper PRO Server Rack Batteries [10.2KWH] – 10-Year Warranty
  • 2 x DC Disconnect Switch (DC1600V32A2IO) Note: If OOS: Use 2 x DC1200V32A
  • 2 x 50ft, 10AWG, PV Extension Cables, MC4, SET (SSK-RB-PVX-50)
  • 2 X 10ft, 10AWG, PV Extension Cables, MC4, SET (SSK-RB-PVX-10)
  • 2 x 15A Inline Fuse MC4 Compatible (SOC-PVFU-15)
  • 3 x 2ft, 1/0AWG, Cable, Lug5/16” – Lug5/16” Set – Parallel Cables for battery1 x 3ft 1/0AWG, Cables,
  • Lug5/16” – Lug5/16” SET Battery to Battery Combiner box
  • 1x 3ft 4/0AWG, Cables, Lug5/16” – Lug3/8” SET Inverter to Busbar set
  • 1 x 1ft 4/0AWG, Lug 5/16”-Lug5/16”, RED Jumper wire from inline fuse kit
  • 1 x 250A bus bar, 5/16” lugs, SET
  • Wiring Diagram and Setup Guide
  • Lifetime Customer Support (Phone, Email & Live Chat)

*Solar kits include just about everything you need however you’ll need your own installation tools and grounding rods/wire as well as optional safety components like current surge limiters. We also highly recommend getting professional installation by a certified solar installer and/or master electrician.

What Can This Off-Grid Solar Kit Actually Power?

Solar kits come standard with 4 x 5.12kwh high quality, lithium server rack batteries (maintenance and fume free). This equates to a rough 20.4kWh of useable battery bank on top of the 8,760+ watts of solar panels that will be generating 8,760 watts of power per hour while the sun is shining.

If we assume there are roughly 6 good sun hours in most states, the solar panels will produce around 52,000W of power each day (or 1,566kw/month)! We really only need 15-18 hours of battery bank storage in order to get us through the night and to when the sun comes back up the next day, so anything over and above this would be considered backup for cloudy days.

This is the perfect solar kit for a full off-grid living setup, home backup, or for larger RV system / mobile business applications.

Average Expected Run Times

ApplianceRun Time
Refrigerator (100 watts)200+ hours
Smartphones (5-7 watts)2000+ hours
Tablets (25-40 watts)1600+ hours
Laptops (50 watts)400+ hours
Electric Blanket (Queen Size, 75 watts)260 hours
50″ LED LCD TV* (65 watts)280 hours
Microwave (1,000 watts)20+ hours
Basecamp LED Light (6 watts)3,000+ hours
CPAP Machine (30 watts)660+ hours
Well Pump (120V or 240V)Everyday Usage (multiple minutes at a time)

Can I use grid power to charge the batteries and/or tie this system in with my on-the-grid home though?

The short answer is yes. Our off-grid kits come with inverter/chargers, meaning you can suck power out of the batteries as well as throw juice back into the batteries via a generator OR any form of AC shore power (aka your grid-tied home). When it comes to backing up your home or tying into your existing electrical system, you’ll need to work with an electrician to get some form of a transfer switch that will allow you to go back and forth between your home’s grid and tie power and your off-grid battery backup.

Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit 12K

Ultimate Off-Grid Solar Kit Benefits

  • Comes With High-Efficiency Solar Panels Included.
    With the highest-grade monocrystalline solar cells for optimal output, all of our solar panels are treated with anti-reflective coating to maximize light absorption.
  • Simple Installation, Everything You Need.
    Installation is a breeze with our pre-assembled wiring harnesses that require NO crimping tools. Since all of our products are compatible with each other, expansions, upgrades, or additions are simple and easy… just plug in and go!
  • Reliable and Convenient Off-Grid Power.
    The all-in-one solar inverter/charger lets you gauge your power at a glance, providing real-time updates of volts, amps, and amp hours and provides peace of mind by protecting your system from overcharging.

Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit Specifications

1. Solar Panels 370 Watt Solar Panel Specs

  • Output 370 Watts – Monocrystalline
  • Module Efficiency 20.29% (Above industry average)
  • Open Circuit Voltage 40.8
  • Short Circuit Current 11.51
  • Rated Voltage V 34.06
  • Rated Voltage A 10.87
  • Cell Type Monocrystalline – High Efficiency
  • Dimensions – 1756 x 1039 x 35mm
  • Weight – 45.19lbs lbs
  • Warranty – 25 years

2. Battery Bank Jakiper Server Rack Batteries

The Jakiper 48V Server Rack Battery contains the latest LiFePO4 lithium cells, which means it combines exceptional performance with a long-lasting lifespan. One of the things that set this deep-cycle battery apart is the fact that it offers truly outstanding value. Typically, you would expect to pay far more for a battery of this quality.

With a storage capacity of 5,120Wh, a single Jakiper 48V Server Rack Battery can store a tremendous amount of solar power. While one battery can certainly store enough power to be a practical backup battery bank for blackouts and temporary power outages, it is its unique, rack-mountable design that really makes it an appealing option for larger-scale solar applications.

  • Power key (for BMS On/Off)
  • Terminal fits up to 2 AWG wire
  • Create 48 Volt Storage Systems
  • Connect in parallel, up to 16 for 81,920 Watts
  • Automatic system cell balancing
  • All parameters available on an LCD display
  • Temperature monitoring (high and low cut-off), 6 temperature sensors
  • Exceptional voltage stability
  • Maintenance-free
  • No hydrogen generation or gassing
  • <70% the weight of similarly sized SLA batteries
  • Communicate with [Growatt]/[Luxpower]/[MPP Solar]/Deye Inverters, and Many Others
  • Size:442*460*177mm | Weight:45kgs
  • @100% DOD >4000 Cycle Life, @80% DOD >7000 Cycle Life(0.5C)
  • Nominal Voltage 51.2 V
  • Nominal Capacity 100 Ah
  • Dimension (LxWxH) 17.4 x 18 x 7″ (442x460x177mm) Approx.
  • Weight 99 lbs ( 45 Kg )
  • Capacity @ 20A 300 min
  • Energy 5120 Wh
  • Resistance < 50mΩ
  • Self Discharge < 3%
  • Cells 3.2V 100Ah Cells
  • Recommended Charge Current 20 A
  • Maximum Charge Current 100 A
  • Recommended Charge Voltage 56 – 58.4 V
  • BMS Charge Cut-Off Voltage > 59.2 V
  • Reconnect Voltage < 54 V
  • Balancing Voltage (Cell > 3.4 V When Charging)
  • Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 100 A
  • BMS Discharge Current High Warning 105 A
  • BMS Discharge Cut-Off Current 110 A (1000ms)
  • Low Voltage Warning 44.8 V ( 2.8 V/Cell*16)
  • BMS Discharge Cut-Off Voltage <40V( or Cell<2.5 V) (1 s)
  • Reconnect Voltage >42.5 V
  • Short Circuit Protection 300 μs
  • Terminal Type M8x4
  • Terminal Torque 106 ~ 132 in-lbs ( 12 ~ 15 N·m )
  • Case Material Steel
  • Recommended Connection Wire 6 AWG
  • Temperature Sensor Quantity 6 pcs
  • Discharge Temperature – 4 ~ 140 °F ( – 20 ~ 60 °C )
  • Charge Temperature 23 ~ 131 °F ( – 5 ~ 55 °C )
  • Recommended Storage Temperature 23 ~ 95 °F ( – 5 ~ 35 °C )
  • BMS High-Temperature Cut-Off 149 °F ( 65 °C )
  • Reconnect Temperature 140 °F ( 60 °C )

Sol-Ark 12K / 15K

The Sol-Ark Inverter is the #1 choice amongst off-grid and on-grid solar inverters! It’s an all-in-one, pre-wired inverter with built-in charge controllers and many other built-in features that come with the standard unit here. It is flexible, efficient, and affordable. Everything you need comes in one box, keeping your cost LOW and installation SIMPLE.

  • The Sol-Ark Is Powerful
    Sol-Ark’s inverters can pump out power just like the grid, allowing you to power 120V/ 240V/208V appliances.
  • Efficient
    Hybrid Inverter reduces cost by 50% and more. Improves battery efficiency by 10-15%.
  • Innovative
    Manages power from Solar, Battery, Grid, Load, and Generator simultaneously. Works with or without batteries.
  • Affordable
    Sol-Ark is the most advanced, cost-effective product that exists on the market today. Especially when you consider all of the features + warranty that you get, there’s nothing that comes close to this high of quality, with amazing customer support at this price point.
  • The Sol-Ark 12K 120/240/208V 48V All-In-One Hybrid Inverter is Limitless
    Parallel Stacking, Grid Sell, Meter Zero, Time of Use, Smart Load, AC Coupling, Peak Shaving, and massive amounts of Peak Power.

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