Foldable Solar Suitcase Instruction

Foldable Solar Suitcase Instruction

Foldable Solar Suitcase Instruction – Hi, welcome to Acopowers foldable solar panel instruction. In this article, we will cover the following topics regarding a foldable solar panel series, which include connecting the foldable solar panel charge controller, basics reverse, polarity protection, proper panel handling, and setup accessories changing clarity and making a 200-watt system with our 100-watt solar panels.

Foldable Solar Suitcase Instruction

The information provided in this article may be applied to all of the panels in the foldable category, which will be listed here, on the left the 105-watt foldable solar panel. Here is a trifold solar panel with each panel at 35 watts that combine to make a total of 105 watts output. Included with this product is a 10 amp LED charge controller.

105W Foldable Solar Panel Suitcase
Foldable Solar Suitcase Instruction
Module Type3×35WMaximum Power105W
Weight7.9lbs / 3.6kgFolded size560×400×20mm
Open Full Specifications

So, let’s go ahead and begin with the first topic. When attempting to charge a battery with the solar panel, please be sure to follow these steps.


First, make the connections with your charge controller to your battery connect the red alligator clip to the positive terminal, and the black alligator clip to the negative terminal. The reason for connecting in this order is because the charge controller can operate with both 8, 12, or 24-volt systems. The charge controller must first recognize the battery voltage before the solar panel is exposed to the sunlight.  This will ensure that the charge controller operates at the appropriate voltage range.

Foldable Solar Suitcase Instruction


The next step would be to unfold your solar panel using the included legs on the back to adjust needed into the sunlight. The charge indicator on the charge controller will display if the connection was successful, and the batteries been charging at this point. If the charge controller displays a low-voltage error, but a good battery voltage has been tested with a voltmeter.

It may be possible that the steps discussed here, we’re not executed correctly. To correct this issue,  simply disconnect the charge controller from the battery, remove your alligator clamps, cover up your solar panel, and repeat these steps back from step 1.

When observing the indicators of the charge controller their meaning and function will depend on the model being used. In this article, I will discuss the basics of the 10 amp LS 1024. Charge controller as the viewer of your model will depend on which full panel you purchase. So, this particular model is a PWM charge controller, equipped with LED indicators, while others may have an LCD screen.

Foldable Solar Suitcase Instruction

So, what’s the connection between the battery and the charge controller. I’ve been made the charge controller will power on. Please note that the charge controller does not have independent power, and it must be connected to the battery in order for it to be operational. So, observe the LED indicators here,  once the proper connection has been made, the load LED will be lit green.

Once the mc4 connectors here are plugged together, and the solar panel is supposed to sunlight, the PV LED will be lit green. If the charge controller does not power on after tension, please revise that the correct polarity connection has been made.

There’s no need for concern the system will not experience any damages. It will not power on until the connection is corrected. All of our charge controller models are equipped with reverse polarity protection for peace of mind. There’s also no need to worry about short-circuiting that’s the charge controller will not accept power from the solar panel until the battery connections are made first and set up properly.


Foldable Solar Suitcase Instruction – When unfolding the solar panel, be sure to lay the panel on a flat surface. Go ahead and place one palm on this end, and with the other hand firmly grip and pull on the velcro, until it releases. Then you can go ahead and unfold each panel to reveal the entire solar panel. Go ahead and pull out, and adjust each leg.  Once they’re out, you can set them to the desired angle to attract as much sunlight as possible.

If the solar panel does need to be repositioned, please go ahead and hold it firmly from the top, or fold it back up to relocate.

It’s important that you do not pull the solar panel in a way that puts pressure on the solar cells here.  Otherwise, they may crack and reduce the efficiency of the solar panel. The solar panel connections can be modified with different adapters to charge other products as well. Available for purchase are the following adapters.

We have MC4 SAE, MC4 freon, for RV use MC4 to 5.5 millimeters for our 150-watt solar generator, and finally, MC4 to 8 millimeters for the 220-watt solar generator, the 440-watt solar generator, and finding our new Acopower solar freezer depending on the model of your RV.

Foldable Solar Suitcase Instruction

The polarity of the included solar input sockets may be reversed, if this is the case, it is required to change the polarity evening Anderson connectors on the output of our solar panel products. In order for it to function properly, please be sure that the following steps apply to your RV as it is not necessary for anyone to change the output polarity to start.

We’re going to need a flathead screwdriver, and an Anderson to SAE connector. Each connector has a small metal tab that can be depressed, allow them to get a pull cable out from the image. To connect your head from here, simply reverse the power leads, and insert them back into the interesting connector until the tabs click into place.

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Final Words

Foldable Solar Suitcase Instruction – Please note, that the wire with wiring is positive while the all-black wire is negative. Once the interesting connector has been flipped, you can avoid the issue of reverse polarity, and use our solar panels with your RV properly. If more power is necessary to run your system, this 100-watt model solar panel can be upgraded to a 200-watt system with just some simple wiring.

It is first necessary to obtain a second 100-watt panel for the entire system to total out to 200 watts. These two panels must be connected in parallel in order to function properly. Please note that only one panel will come with all the required accessories while the other will come as just a standalone solar panel.

To make the minimize system, you’re going to go ahead and connect the positive terminal from one panel to the positive of the other as well as the negative to the negative. The proper adapters for these connections should be included. These panels are now connected in parallel, already produced 200 watts of power.

You can watch the video below for detailed information.

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