Solar Generator 2000 watt

Solar Generator 2000 watt – Lion Safari ME

Solar Generator 2000 watt – Today, we’re going to go over, how the Lion Safari ME works, and all the buttons on the front of the unit,  and what they do. So, this is the main power switch for the unit to do anything with your safari me. You need to turn it on first, this will light up the screen.

Solar Generator 2000 watt – Lion Safari ME

Lion Safari ME Solar Generator 2000 watt
Weight45.5Capacity922 Wh
ChemistryLiFePO4Battery Output2000 W
Open Full Specifications

You have your battery indicator on the left that shows you the percentage, and the screen defaults to 99 hours and 59 minutes. The screen of your unit, once you turn it on will stay on 24 7. If you want to shut off the screen, you hold the screen button for approximately 5 seconds, and that will turn it off.

You can now toggle it on and off by hitting the screen button. If you want to turn the screen and leave it back on 24/7, you have to hold that same button for approximately 5 seconds, and it’ll now stay on. You’ll be able to click the left-hand, output button, and that turns on both left-hand, left-sided ports here.

Solar Generator 2000 watt

You’ll also see the screen light up indicating that you’ve turned on those output ports. It’ll turn on your 12-volt cigarette lighter output as well as, the Anderson power pole output at the bottom. The output button will turn on your USB-A, and PD outputs. This is perfect for charging cell phones, quick charging laptops, tablets, stuff like this.

Your far-right output button will turn on the AC plugs. These are like your common household plugs. The unit has a 2000 watt inverter with a 4000-watt surge. This means that you’ll be able to power virtually any appliance in your house, no problem. Now, let’s turn around the unit, so we can get a look at the back.

Best Seller

Lion Safari ME 2000
Lion Safari ME 2000
Price: $1,999.00
With the ability to stack expansion batteries on top, this unit is an absolute beast. 1 x Expansion battery adds 2,048wH of battery storage giving you a total of 2,970 watt-hours of lithium battery storage!

This is the input port of your generator, one of my favorite things about the safari ME is, that the AC wall charger is actually built-in. There’s no more losing a wall charger needing to order another one. It’s simply built-in and you can just plug it into any outlet, like this, and start to charge.

The input on the right is your Anderson power pole adapter. This is where you’ll connect your solar panel extension cabling in to start charging with solar panels. We include an extension cable like this with all of the kits. Anderson power pole is great, it’s super simple, you go red to red and black to black,  plug into the back of your generator, and the other end will go into your solar panels.  Now, you can start charging.

Solar Generator 2000 watt

The last plugs here are where you connect your expansion batteries. This will increase the overall battery capacity of your entire generator system. This button here is a circuit breaker for the entire system. If anything trips, you can simply click this button and reset your system. The last thing to note is that the specs for the base unit are on the back of the generator.

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