DIY solar system Complete Off Grid Solar Kit

DIY solar system Complete Off Grid Solar Kit

DIY solar system Complete Off Grid Solar Kit – Welcome to off-grid kit number one. The rest of the article here is going to be an overview of what you can expect in your complete solar kit. And I also want to let you know that with every single one of our complete solar kits, we ship all the parts and pieces to you. We also include a complete wiring diagram and schematic. So, you can follow along and set this up yourself.

DIY solar system Complete Off Grid Solar Kit

Without further ado, let’s jump into this, this off-grid solar kit is the perfect solution for powering your essentials in a home farm business, or at a remote location. It can also be used as an emergency backup,  power system for applications requiring 100 amps at 120 volts, and 50 amps at 240 volts AC.

This large solar kit automatically transfers between the grid or a generator, and solar power. Since this solar kit is off-grid, you will always have power even if grid power is lost. The kit includes solar panels,  providing 19 – 800 watts of power per day based on six hours of optimal sunlight. The panels connect to a convenient six-string combiner box, this pre-wired combiner box allows for simple installation, and is the central hub for all of the PV wires.

DIY solar system Complete Off Grid Solar Kit

And includes several breakers and lightning arrestors for added safety. The combiner box connects to a quick disconnect switch using MC4 connectors. The quick disconnect provides even more added safety and quickly kills power when needed just a quick turn of the knob, and all solar power is off. The disconnect switch feeds into an 80 amp MPPT solar charge controller.

The charge controller regulates the voltage coming from the panels and safely charges. The 12 batteries are also included in this kit. The 12 batteries are heavy duty AGM deep cycle batteries 200 amps, each the battery bank stores 28 – 800 watts of power.

We recommend discharging the battery bank to only 50 percent depth of discharge, giving you up to fourteen thousand four hundred watts of usable power by staying below fifty percent depth of discharge. You’ll get more life out of your batteries. The battery bank provides power to the inverter charger.

We include the AIMS power 12.000-watt pure sine inverter charger that outputs split phase 120 and 240 volts AC. This unit has a 48 volt DC input and a 240 volt AC input for charging and bypass. The inverter has a powerful 36.000-watt surge for 20 seconds and is built with a low-frequency platform. The 12.000-watt inverter charger has a direct connect AC terminal block.

DIY solar system Complete Off Grid Solar Kit

This provides hardware flexibility for inputs and outputs. A convenient battery charger is built into the inverter and includes charging profiles for eight different battery technologies, including lithium. The unit also has an automatic transfer switch allowing the inverter to go back and forth between grid or generator, and inverter power.

There are five dip switches that control several features on the inverter for users that want to incorporate a generator into the system. An auto-gen start port is available, this allows a generator to automatically start when battery voltage drops under. The auto-gen start port is a battery temp sensor port, the battery temp sensor monitors, the battery temp, and adjusts current for safe operation.

Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit 3200 Watt Solar

Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit 3200 Watt Solar
Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit 3200 Watt Solar
Price: $13,989.00
Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit 3200 Watt Solar 12KW 48VDC 120/240 Output | Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit + FREE Shipping, NO Sales Tax & Lifetime Customer Support Looking for a solar kit that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg just to get installed? Tired of getting outrageous quotes from solar installation companies?

To complete this all-in-one off-grid solar kit, we have included all wires cables, and fuses for a complete solution, optional remotes solar racks, and generators are available and are nice add-ons for your solar kit.

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