EcoFlow DELTA PRO Hex Kit | Complete Solar Kit

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EcoFlow DELTA PRO Hex Kit + 6 x 200W 12V Mono Solar Panels | Complete Solar Kit – The DELTA PRO is the most powerful solar generator EcoFlow has ever released! This highly anticipated home battery system was designed to offer users full power security and off-grid independence, no matter where they are. Not only does it contain an enormous 3,600Wh deep-cycle battery, it is expandable, meaning it can seamlessly connect to multiple 3,600Wh expansion batteries for a mind-boggling total battery capacity of 25kWh!

EcoFlow DELTA PRO Hex Kit

This means the DELTA PRO can almost double the power storage capabilities of a Tesla Powerwall 2! Not only can the DELTA PRO store an incredible amount of power, but it also offers some of the most advanced features of any solar generator on the market today!

Order Include:

  • Ships from the USA!
  • 1 x EcoFlow DELTA [Pro] 3,600wH / 3,600W Solar Generator – 2-year Warranty
  • 1 x Remote Control Monitor & Display Screen
  • 6 x 200W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panels
  • 1 x 50 ft. PV Solar Panel Extension Cable (10 AWG)
  • 1 x Set of PV Branch Connectors for Series-Parallel Panel Configuration
  • 1 x AC wall charger for charging from any standard wall outlet
  • 1 x PV Solar Charging Cable (PV to XT60)
  • 1 x Car Charging Cable (Car to XT60)
  • 1 x XT60 to Aviation Plug (input)
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x 2-Year Warranty Certification
  • 1 x Free Copy of our 10,000-word solar generator setup & maintenance guide
  • Free Shipping
  • Lifetime Customer Support (Via phone, live chat & email)

DELTA Pro Hex Kit Performances

The DELTA PRO’s outstanding power inverter and high-capacity battery can be used to supply power in the following ways:

ApplianceRun Time
CPAP Machine (40W)60+ hours
Refrigerator50+ hours
Basic Power Tools (80W)30 hours
32” LED Television35 hours
Laptop Computer30+ recharges
Standard Smartphone (iPhone 12)300+ recharges

Whether you are looking for a backup power supply for emergency situations and prolonged blackouts, or you need portable power for your RV or off-grid cabin, the EcoFlow DELTA PRO has everything you need!

While all of EcoFlow’s generators are known for offering a versatile range of output ports, the DELTA PRO takes things even further. Users can plug their electronic devices and appliances directly into any of the PRO’s 12 ports:

# of Plug(s)Type of Plug(s)
 2USB-A Fast-Charge Output Ports
2USB-A Standard Output Ports
2USB-C 100W Output Ports
4Wall-Style 20A AC Output Sockets
130A Anderson AC RV Port
1Car-Style 12V Charging Port

The Delta PRO is also Wi-Fi enabled and easily connects with EcoFlow’s user-friendly mobile app. This means you can monitor and adjust the PRO using your smartphone or tablet!

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3 reviews for EcoFlow DELTA PRO Hex Kit | Complete Solar Kit

  1. James B (verified owner)

    Rich Solar 200W, 12V panels used with Ecoflow Delta Pro

    Utilizing 8 Rich Solar 200Watt, 12V Monocrystalline 5Bus Bar panels setup with 2 banks of 4 in series panels with each bank connected in parallel provides on a clear Florida sunny day maximum 1180-1250 watts to an Ecoflow Delta Pro unit.

    The solar panel arrangement at the above output wattage are providing a measured open circuit voltage of approximately 88VDC and a connected measured load of 15.9-16.0 amps using a clamp on meter.

    The Delta Pro solar input is rated @ max 1600W and it’s MPPT controller’s specs allows 15V-150Vmax, 15 amp max.

    The Rich 200W Open Circuit Voltage spec is 24.3V & Max power current of 9.8 amps.

    With two parallel 4 in series branches the 88VDC open voltage is at its maximum but the 9.8 amps x 2 parallel branches = 19.6 amps is not reached because the Delta Pro’s MPPT is limiting it to slightly above the maximum MPPT limit by an amount of 1 amp. This was confirmed using a clamp on meter to measure each leg showing to be 15.9 to 16 amps. Thus the Rich panels are producing outputs consistent with their design parameters. With most MPPTs the most important aspect is always to maintain the solar panel voltage output below the MPPT’s design maximum voltage to prevent damaging the MPPT.

    Whereas, with MPPT’s the amperage limitation appear to be regulated within to prevent exceeding the design amperage from the panels by confirmation of the measurements described above.

    Overall, I am satisfied with the Rich panels recommended for the Delta Pro applications.

    1 product
  2. Norman B (verified owner)

    Solar kit toy hauler

    I received my EcoFlow delta pro 3600 watt generator kit about 10 days ago. I just finished installing the 6 solar panels on the roof today. I’ve been using the kit sence it’s portable in stages to see how it manages my needs. So far it’s better than expected. ShopSolarKits is an outstanding company. Great communication and delivered all parts very quickly. Highly recommended to do business with. Thanks again.

    1 product
  3. Jade K (verified owner)

    I love that I can buy an entire kit & not worry if I have everything I need.

    I’m super excited to put this kit altogether, I’m just trying to find someone to help me install on my garage roof. Upon inspection I didn’t see any damage done, but the boxes the solar panels came in were very damaged, & I hope everything works. I just wanted you to know how your products are being treated by your mailing service.

    1 product
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