Lion Energy Safari ME 2000W Solar Powered Generator

Lion Safari ME Generator Costco

Lion Safari ME Generator Costco – Lion Energy is dedicated to offering secure, silent, renewable power to customers who need to turn out to be energy independent. They do that by engineering, creating, manufacturing, testing, and delivering high-quality energy storage products to your dwelling, work, and play.

Lion Safari ME Generator Costco

Power Solutions for Everyday Needs

From hand-held gadgets to photovoltaic generators to dwelling and commercial energy storage solutions, they are main the best way with Lithium energy storage technologies that provide you with power the place you want it, whenever you need it, and how you need it.

Best Seller

Lion Safari ME 2000
Lion Safari ME 2000
Price: $2,395.00 $1,999.00
The Lion Safari ME portable solar generator is one of the most anticipated units of 2020! With its 922wH of battery storage and 2,000W inverter, there’s not much the ME can’t run. The 4,000w surge also means it can handle appliances such as an A/C unit and large power tools.


They present merchandise which might be valued by their customers because we design, engineer, manufacture, and take a look at every product to the best requirements. It doesn’t go into production or shipped out of their HQ till it passes a ridiculous quantity of testing. It must be adequate for our household earlier than it goes to your family.

Lion Safari ME

The Safari ME + XP (optional expansion battery) is a strong solar generator that powers nearly something you possibly can plug into a typical wall outlet (15A) – power tools, fridges, freezers, air compressors, TVs, communication gadgets, blenders, and so much extra!

You can charge the ME and XP using up to 600W of photovoltaic panels or by way of a regular wall outlet. Use it whereas charging it and have a renewable source of energy at your fingertips. Use it every day: at house, work, or play and through power outages.
Lion Safari ME Generator Costco

Safari ME Runtime Estimates

Mini Fridge36W25.5 Hours
Phone Charger5WCharge up to 92x
Laptop Charger56WCharge up to 17x
55″ LCD T.V.75W12 Hours
LED Reading Lamp4W230 Hours
Hot Plate500W1.8 Hours

Safari ME Specs

SpecificationsSafari MEME Expansion
Weight (pounds)45.544
Dimensions – inches (L x W x H)18.7 x 12.8 x 12.816.7 x 9.6 x 9.8
Output – AC2N/A
Output – USB2 x USB-A – 5V 2.4 Amps Each
2 x USB-C – 20V 3 Amps (60 Watt Max)
Output – 12V “Cigarette”1 x 12V – 15 AmpsN/A
Output – 12V Anderson™1 x 12V – 25 AmpsN/A

Battery ME Specs

SpecificationsSafari MEME Expansion
Battery ChemistryCylindrical Cell LiFePO4
Lithium Iron Phosphate
Prismatic Cell LiFePO4
Lithium Iron Phosphate
Battery Capacity – Watt Hours (Wh)922 Wh2048 Wh
Battery Output – Watts (W)2000 W Cont / 4000 W Peak
Life Cycles2500+3500+
Charge Retention1+ year1+ year

Charge Rate Lion Energy Specs

Charge RateSafari MEME Expansion
AC – Charge Capacity668WThrough Base Unit
AC – Min. Charge Time1 Hour 23 Min+ 3 Hours 4 Min
Solar/DC – Charge Capacity585W MPPTThrough Base Unit
Solar/DC- Min. Charge Time1 Hour 35 Min+ 3 Hours 30 Min
Note: Solar panels must be > 36V VMP and < 60V VOC

Lion Energy ME Reviews

Backup Power Supplies to Help You Prepare

Lithium-ion batteries actually make the best backup power supplies because they are long-lasting, clean, easy to use, can be used in your home, and are portable. When you’re looking for emergency supplies, lithium-ion batteries should be on your list. These top picks are the perfect place to start for emergency backup power supplies.

The Lion Safari ME is a professional-grade lithium-ion battery that you can easily use and store in your home or on the go. It can be an everyday use so you’re not tethered to the wall outlet and is a great source of emergency power. It can power virtually anything you can plug into a standard wall outlet.

For emergencies, this really is the best lithium-ion battery option for a backup power supply because it’s capable of powering so much for relatively long periods of time. For perspective, the longest any other battery on this list could power a TV is for about 5 hours, but the Safari ME is capable of powering a TV for 12 hours, and that doesn’t even count the optional expansion battery for the ME called the Safari XP. When combined, it will give you 3X the amount of time you can power a device.

Now, you can also power appliances in your home like your fridge for a few hours or keep your laptops and phones charged. The ME can charge a phone about 92 times on a single charge, so it could keep you going and connected for days if needed.

You can charge the Safari ME from a wall outlet or with solar panels. It takes less than two hours to charge and can hold that charge (if not in use) for up to a year. It also features two AC outputs, two USB-A outputs, two USB-C outputs, and two different 12V outputs, so it can connect to and power almost any appliance or device you own. It can output up to 2,000W continuously and has a 4,000W surge. This lithium solar generator is a must-have, portable power workhorse.

Using Power Around The House?

When you think of power usage inside your home, you probably think you’re covered by simply plugging everything into wall outlets. That’s nice but not very convenient or practical. Sometimes there are just not enough outlets or they’re not in the right spot. Power solutions that are safe, silent, renewable, and portable can make home life more convenient and enjoyable.

Ways to Use Portable Power in Your Home

There are a host of ways to use portable power inside your home—powering laptops, cell phones, tablets and computers, TVs, gaming devices, CPAP machines, and the list goes on and on. The idea is to have convenient, safe (no fumes or pollutants), silent, and renewable energy or power where you need it.

Sometimes outlets are too far away or there aren’t enough where you need them. For example, want to run your laptop from the comfort of your favorite chair but the wall outlet is too far away? What about charging your phone on the front porch while you chat with a friend and enjoy the fresh air? And what about making sure that the CPAP machine works all night even when the power goes out and you didn’t even notice the outage because you were sleeping? Portable power comes in handy!

And for those who want to have a complete energy storage system in their home, for everyday use, or in emergencies, check out the Lion Sanctuary Energy Storage System.

Portable power for outdoor use is more of a need in today’s world than it is just for fun. Taking care of your yard, vehicles, or even fun activities outside often requires a source of power. And you don’t want to drag a long extension cord around to provide power for your devices. Safe, renewable portable power solutions make life better for you and for the environment.

Ways To Use Portable Power Outside.

Think about all the convenient ways to use portable power outside:

  • with your power tools
  • yard equipment like electric edgers and trimmers
  • jump-starting your vehicles and riding lawnmowers
  • ambient lighting
  • projectors and big-screen TVs
  • grilling and cooking on smokers
  • charging devices while your camping… well, you get the idea.

Portable power means you don’t have to be tethered to the wall outlet or drag extension cords around. It means you’ve got power where you need it and when you need it.

Lion Safari ME Generator Costco

Final Thought

The Safari ME is a great combination of power output (2,000W continuous, 4,000 surges), energy storage (922Wh), and portability (45.5 lbs) for use all around the home, the yard, at work, or on an adventure. It can power virtually anything you can plug into a standard wall outlet—fridge, freezer, kitchen appliances, communication devices, lights, fans, power tools, and the list goes on and on.

It’s also a great source of backup power during emergencies so you can keep things running and be connected until the grid comes back online. It also has optional solar panels so you can harness the power of the sun! And if you need more stored energy, the Safari ME has an optional expansion battery pack called the XP.

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