Solar Generator Sale

Solar Generator Sale

Solar Generator Sale – Summer storms and heatwaves put a tremendous amount of pressure on an already strained power grid. This is why we often see so many power outages during the summer months. If you want to ensure that you and your family will have reliable access to power, even during blackouts, a Solar Generator Kit is an ideal investment!

Solar Generator Sale

These all-in-one solar power stations can provide you with convenient access to solar power whenever you need it the most. Best of all, they are designed for portability, so they can be taken with you on your next camping or RV trip! The latest models, like the Delta PRO, are so powerful that they can even meet the power requirements of the most demanding electronic appliances, including refrigerators, air conditioners, and more!

Throughout July, we have been running a massive sale on our entire Solar Generator Kit Collection. Our Solar Generator Kits contain the latest solar generator models, as well as an array of high-efficiency solar panels. They even contain all of the cables, connectors, accessories, and wiring diagrams you need to get your new, self-contained solar power system up and running!

As part of the sale, we are offering a variety of discount codes that can be applied at checkout to save on our most popular solar generators, like the EcoFlow DELTA PRO, DELTA MAX, and Bluetti AC300, and the EP500.

Solar Generator Kits


EcoFlow Delta Pro has a huge expandable capacity that you can customize to meet your energy needs. With two Smart Extra Batteries, you can increase your capacity to a whopping 10.8kWh. And for the first time ever, you can power your home for days with an incredible 25kWh capacity.

EcoFlow DELTA Max

From tailgate power to extreme blackouts that last for days on end, DELTA Max delivers up to 25kWh of capacity. With that, you’re covered for any situation. That’s the industry gold standard. A single DELTA Max unit offers an AC output up to 2400W, which can be expanded up to 4500W with X-Boost. This allows you to power window air conditioners, washing machines, and other devices.

Bluetti AC300

This new modular design is a bold move for BLUETTI, but for a heavy-duty unit like BLUETTI AC300, this design not only significantly reduces the weight of every single unit but also allows users to replace any or all batteries, if necessary, in the future. And since the system is modular, users can carry each module individually. Whether it is up the stairs to the bedroom, or outside to the van, users will be protecting their back from heavy lifting by being able to carry the modular BLUETTI system, module by module, instead of everything at once.

Solar Generator Sale

The sale ends on August 1st, 2022, so these deals will not last for much longer!

Solar Generator Sale

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