Solar Generator Kits Sale

Solar Generator Kits Sale

Solar Generator Kits Sale – July is SoGen Month, which means we are offering BIG SAVINGS on all of our solar generators and solar generator kits! Given that solar generators act as all-in-one solar power systems, they are the perfect way to add power security to your home.

Solar Generator Kits Sale

In the event of a blackout or emergency situation, you and your family would have access to a reliable source of power that could be replenished using solar panels. With more powerful solar generators, like the EcoFlow DELTA PRO, you can power full-sized appliances! This means you can begin to supplement some of your electricity needs with clean and free solar power! Think of the savings on your next electricity bill!

Shop Now to Save

To mark SoGen Month, we are running two huge promo codes that can be used to save big on our solar generator kits! We are also offering solar generator-specific discount codes, which can be applied at checkout to save on our most popular solar generators, like the EcoFlow DELTA PRO, DELTA MAX, Bluetti AC300, and the EP500.

Solar generators are selling fast and supplies are limited. Click the button below to shop the sale:


Product: Solar Generator Kits
Discount Time: Until August 1st, 2022

Solar Generator Kits

Shop the Best Solar Generator Kits on the Market!

Not only are we offering outstanding deals on Solar Generators and SoGen Kits, but we also offer the best solar generator kits you will find anywhere! This is because all of our SoGen Kits combine the most advanced solar generators with highly efficient Monocrystalline solar panels and all of the cables, connectors, and accessories needed to run your own self-contained solar power system.

Where other kits are missing components, we include everything you could ever need, including custom wiring diagrams and installation guides.

The Best Selling Solar Generators

Consider some of our top sellers, like our EcoFlow Delta PRO Solar Kits. Whether you just want a source of backup power for power outages, or you want to convert your entire home over to solar power, we offer a Delta PRO Kit that can meet your needs!

We also recommend taking a look at our Bluetti AC300 Solar Kits. These units are fully expandable, meaning you can upgrade them as your power requirements grow.

These powerful SoGen Kits are ideal for emergency preparedness, off-grid adventures, and even for fully converting your home over to solar power!




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