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A deep cycle battery is designed to handle repeated charge and discharge cycles at rapid rates. The biggest difference between a deep cycle battery vs a car battery, for example, is the fact a car battery is designed to provide a short, quick shot of power in order to crank start a vehicle’s engine.

There are a few different types of deep cycle battery chemistry. The older style deep cycle batteries were known as flooded lead-acid (aka wet batteries). The newer style of these is known as seal lead acid - the most popular of which is AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries.

Then there’s lithium. Lithium deep cycle batteries are known to be the best option currently available on the market. They last twice as long as an AGM, weigh less than half as much, and require no maintenance or attention. Commonly referred to as “drop-in” replacements for your old deep cycle batteries because they are super simple and easy.

Showing 1–16 of 24 results