Lion Energy 1200 UT TearDown

Lion Energy 1200 UT TearDown

Lion Energy 1200 UT TearDown – I took apart the Lion energy battery and I must say that it’s very impressive build quality, every connection, and the thickness of wires is really nuts. Like they did make a really nice battery, and the BMS also has two temperature sensors. One for the cells, that’s glued directly to it, and one that goes out to the heatsink. So, that if you have an over-temperature situation on the BMS, it will disconnect everything.

Lion Energy 1200 UT TearDown

And now, for the fun when I took this apart, I looked at the back and there’s a sticker that says 120 amps. This battery is rated at 150 amps. Why is there a sticker saying that? I do not understand why.

Lion Energy 1200 UT TearDown

So, to make this a lot of fun, we’re gonna rebuild this battery, and we’re gonna add a 150 amp load and see if it can actually handle it. I mean that’s ridiculous and honestly, I laughed pretty hard when I saw this sticker this might be referring to the charging speed.

On the datasheet, it says actually 100 amps for charging. So, maybe that’s referring to that, but I’m not sure. We need to test it out ourselves. I also have a second battery and it’s in the freezer right now, and I’m gonna wait till it’s nice and cold, and we’re gonna try to charge that one to make sure that the load temperature disconnect actually works.

Lion Energy Safari UT 1300

Lion Energy 1200 UT TearDown
Lion Energy Safari UT 1300
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Tonight’s gonna be a fun night. So, we’re just gonna be building batteries all night.  First, we’re gonna build this battery outside of its case. I just realized when putting these terminal connectors on. These are only rated for 50 amps, and you have to, so what’s 50 plus 50 100 is that 150.

It knows so, that’s not a good sign. No way it’s working. Look at this, so if we press the button, we have a state of charge indicator and this battery is full, but we’re gonna charge it up all the way so that this test is fair. It made this a lot of fun, let’s stick the temperature sensor in freezing cold water to test the low temp disconnect, and this is salt water, frozen saltwater.

Lion Energy 1200 UT TearDown

We’re at negative nine degrees Celsius, it just disconnected. How cool is that? The low temp disconnect actually works. That’s great. All right, now let’s heat up the temperature sensor, and we got 10 amps, how cool is that?

Let’s stick it back in the water, look at that, it just disconnected. This is so much fun. Alright, let’s heat up the sensor one more time, and it’s charging. That is really cool,  and frozen saltwater is the best way of testing.

Now, we’re doing 100 amps into this battery, because I have a speed charger connected. So, let’s see what happens. That really is not a safe charge rate for these cells. I know on the datasheet, it does not recommend doing that.

It’s like a 0.5, see usually, I also noticed that it has a communication port. So we have a P – R X T X and VDD, and I do know that the BMS for warranty issues has a cycle counter, and this is probably where they flashed the firmware.

I wish we could actually access this information through a Bluetooth dongle that would be really cool. Another thing to know is, this is made by a superpower. We also have a model number.

Take a look at the video for more details 🙂

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