January Specials Promos

January Specials Promos are Live!

January Specials Promos are Live! To help you start off 2023 on the right foot, we are offering a wide range of January Specials and Promotions! With money-saving promo codes and slashed prices just a click away, now is the perfect time to complete your New Year’s resolution of becoming power independent! Stop worrying about blackouts and rising electricity costs. It’s time to make 2023 the year you go solar!

January Specials Promos are Live!

EcoFlow Delta PRO Solar Kits is the newest, hottest solar generator on the market. With a built-in lithium battery capacity of 3,600wH and 3,600W continuous AC output, there is nothing quite like it available today.

Combine 2 x DELTA PRO’s for 120/240V Split Phase Output. Plus, enjoy 1,600 Watts of solar input and a built-in 30A RV-style plug. You can use the DELTA PRO for emergency backup, off-grid living, or full-time RVing. Rated for 3,500 lifecycles this is the first solar generator (aka mini off-grid solar system in a box) that is truly built for longevity AND full-time use.

$202 OFF All EcoFlow Delta Pro Solar Generator Kits

Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit – 6,000W 120/240V Output / 48V [9.6kWh Lithium Battery Bank] + 6 x 385W Solar Panels | Off-Grid, Mobile, Backup. This is the complete off-grid solar kit you’ve been looking for. HBK-PRO will power just about anything you need in an off-grid situation. With a 6,000W split phase (120/240V) all-in-one inverter, the HBK-PRO solar kit is powerful enough to run everything from lights, fridges, TVs, fans, small workshops, well-pumps, office space, and more.

Easily expandable in the future, you can add more batteries and more solar panels as you need. This is an all-in-one plug-and-play solar kit that has the ability to hook up to solar panels, wind, fuel/backup generator, and/or utility power – So whether you’re looking to run your RV, off-grid home/cabin, or for an emergency backup solar system at your home, the HBK-PRO solar kit comes with everything you need to get up and running with solar power in just hours.

You might have already noticed this, but most off-grid solar kits available today only include a 120V output inverter which is NOT able to run things like a 240V well-pump, dryer, some air conditioners, and more…When you buy this solar kit, which includes built-in 120/240V power output and a 200+ pound lithium battery bank on wheels (backed by a 10-year warranty + designed and assembled here in the USA) you’ll be in a much better position when it comes to long-term versatility and reliability.

If you’re looking for a complete off-grid solar kit that’s simple to set up, easy to use, and comes with high-quality, long-lasting parts, look no further. HBK-PRO checks all of the boxes and will have you up and running with off-grid power quickly and easily.

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January Specials Promos


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