Custom Solar Kits

Custom Solar Kits – The Complete Solar Power System Solution

Custom Solar Kits – The Complete Solar Power System Solution – If you are interested in obtaining off-grid power at a budget-friendly price, our Custom Solar Kit Collection offers the ideal solution to your needs!

Custom Solar Kits

These affordable and beginner-friendly solar kits come with everything you need in one package. That means you get every single component, cable, and connector needed to get up and running with clean, quiet, and dependable solar power! You even get custom wiring diagrams and installation guides!

Whether you are looking to go fully off-grid, or you just want to reduce monthly electricity bills and safeguard your home against blackouts and power outages, one of our Custom Solar Kits can help you achieve your aims without breaking the bank!

Top Custom Solar Kits & Customer Reviews

Custom Solar Kits[WHK-PRO] Complete Hybrid Solar Kit

Customer Review:

“It runs everything that we need! We purchased the WHK-PRO about three months ago. ShopSolarKits was very helpful in matching us with a kit that fit our needs. We recently had a power outage and this unit ran our freezer, fridge, every electrical outlet, all our LED lighting, and our propane water heater! Very impressed!” – James G.


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Custom Solar KitsComplete Hybrid Solar Kit – Sol-Ark 15K 120/240V Output + 19kwH Kong Elite [Max] Powerwall + 9,600 Watts of Solar | 10-Year Warranty [HDK-PLUS]

Customer Review:

“This is a killer system! The HDK-PLUS came with everything and we are now totally off-grid! Fast shipping, helpful customer service, and easy installation. What’s not to love?” – Chad M.


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Only Need Backup Power?

If you don’t need full off-grid power, but would still like to reduce monthly bills and have backup power during blackouts and emergencies, the following low-cost Custom Solar Kits might be right for you:

[DSK-PLUS] Complete Solar Kit[HBK-PLUS] Complete Solar Kit[HBK-PRO] Complete Solar Kit
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