Hybrid Solar Power System 15kWh

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Complete Hybrid Solar Power System – Sol-Ark 12K + 15kWh KONG Elite Powerwall + 6,480 Watts of Solar | 10-Year Warranty [WHK-3]

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Hybrid Solar Power System 15kWh was specifically designed to give you the grid independence and freedom that comes with making your own solar power! Whether you are looking to save money by reducing or eliminating your monthly electricity bills or you’re trying to be completely independent living off the grid or in for emergencies and blackouts, our WHK-3 solar kit has everything you need!

Hybrid Solar Power System 15kWh

Hybrid Solar Power System Included

  • Ships from the USA!
  • 18 x 360W SolarEver USA Monocrystalline Solar Panels
  • 1 x Sol-Ark 12K 120/240/208V 48V Hybrid All-In-One Stackable Inverter/Charger/Controller – 10 Year Standard Warranty
  • Select 1 of 2 Lithium Battery Options – LiFePO4 (15kWh or 30kWh Powerwall) – 10-Year Warranty!
  • 1 x 1000Vdc 10 String Combiner Box (MNPV10-1000)
  • 2 x Midget Fuse Holder UL2579 (MNTS)
  • 2 x 15 amp, 1000v Fuse UL2579 (MN1000FUSE-15)
  • 1 x 10 string disconnecting lithium battery combiner, rated to 1/0 input, 5/16 stud output (MNLBC-250)
  • 2 x 10AWG Solar Extension Cables MC4 50ft (SSK-RB-PVX-50)
  • 1 x 1/0AWG SB175 Cable 5/16 Lugs (SB175-1/0AWG-3FT-5/16)
  • 1 x 4/0AWG battery cable 2ft set 5/16 Lugs – 3/8 Lugs (Black & Red)
  • Custom Wiring Schematic & Setup Steps
  • Free LIFETIME Customer Support
  • 10-year Warranties & Backed By Lifetime Customer Support.

Versatility and Power Meet Un-Rivaled Reliability

18 highly-efficient 365 Watt Solar panels and one of the most advanced hybrid power inverters on the market today – the Sol-Ark 12K – give you the ability to generate, store, and use massive amounts of free and renewable solar electricity. The enormous, American-made 15.0kWh KONG ELITE Lithium Battery Bank gives you the ability to store your solar electricity, so you can access it when you need it the most. While everyone else worries about blackouts and grid failures, you will have access to enough electricity to keep your home running as if nothing happened!

Where other kits come packaged with low-quality components that were manufactured in off-shore facilities, this Complete Hybrid Solar Power System contains some of the highest-end solar equipment on the market today. These durable, high-performance, domestically-made, and designed components were chosen for this kit because they perform extremely well and they actually last.

What Can Hybrid Actually Power?

The Sol-Ark 12K’s versatile design means that you can power all 120V, 240V, and 208V electronic appliances and devices with pure solar power. The fact that it is such an efficient power inverter also means that more of the power your solar panels generate will get stored in your battery bank. No more unnecessary power drain from using an inefficient, low-quality power inverter!

The basic kit comes with one 15.0kWh KONG ELITE battery bank, but you have the ability to double your total storage capacity by adding a second KONG ELITE battery.

How Big Is This Kit?

To give you some perspective, the U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that the average American home uses 750W to 1,000W of power per hour during a blackout, which means a single 15.0kWh KONG ELITE battery could supply you and your family with full power for over 15 hours!

Remember, the Sol-Ark 12K gives you the ability to draw power directly from your solar panels, from the grid, from your battery bank, or a combination of all three!

Simply put, this versatile whole-home solar power system would give you the ability to use solar electricity on a daily basis. If you plan to run an off-grid system, doubling your storage capacity by adding a second KONG ELITE battery could give you an incredible 30kWh of power storage capacity!

Hybrid Solar Power System

Sol-Ark 12K 120/240/208V 48V All-In-One Hybrid Inverter Features:

  • Two Built-In 500V Charge Controllers
  • 1 – 6 PV Strings
  • Battery Disconnect
  • 48V Battery Input
  • Auto-Generator Start
  • Rapid Shutdown Signal
  • Built-in Arc Fault and Ground Fault detection
  • Current Sensors Included
  • Battery Communication
  • PV Disconnect
  • Wiring Knockouts and WiFi
  • 50A Breakers:
  • AC In/Out, AC Load Out
  • AC Gen In/Smart Load Out
  • 13kw Solar input (6500 per MPPT )

LiFePO4 Powerwall

All of our battery bank options are lithium (LiFePO4) and are MADE in the USA. Backed by a 10-year warranty. You can rest assured these batteries were built to LAST. They also have all the safety features.

This 48V 15kwh Powerwall is designed around NEW LiFePO4 cells complete with a BMS & 300A fuse. This battery is perfect as a drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries in your off-grid home, energy storage system, etc. providing you with more capacity, shorter charge times & longer life!

With a 300Ah at 48V (15kWh or 15,500 watt-hours), this powerful battery is by far one of the best and most cost-efficient Powerwall batteries in its class on the market today! Capable of being connected in parallel with up to 8 total Powerwalls, you can easily build a 24kwh+ 48V battery bank with just two of these units.

Our 48V KONG Powerwall comes with pre-installed Anderson connections making it ready to go for quick installation to any inverter, charge controller, or bus bar. With the SB175 Anderson to-ring terminal cable already included, you’ll be up and running in no time!

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    Great. Came fast and works good.

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    Top Quality

    Worked as advertised!

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  3. Dan K (verified owner)

    13KW system with 15KW power cell

    the package I purchase is awesome, It was shipped as separate pieces and all arrived in good order. I had one bad solar panel which I am still waiting for it’s replacement, other than the panel I have no complaints.

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    Great job great service

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  5. Anne K. (verified owner)

    competitive price

    complete kit, great specs on battery, competitive price

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