Inergy Portable Solar Power Station


With an updated LCD screen and faster charging, the APEX is a fully revamped and upgraded system that keeps the same dimensions as the Kodiak while only weighing 5lbs more.

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A portable power generator, Delta 1300, make human life easier using Solar Panels. Solar Panels in the basic sense work by converting available sunlight into usable electricity.

Backpack With Solar Generator

Inergy Portable Solar Power Station combines everything we loved about the original Kodiak solar generator and adds on a huge list of improvements and upgrades. Just to give you an idea of how big of a beast this thing is, the Apex can power a refrigerator (18 cu ft., 20% duty) for 33 hours, a 50″ LED LCD TV for 16 hours, laptop and phones for days & even a microwave for 1 full hour (if you ever needed to run your microwave for an hour straight)!

Inergy Portable Solar Power Station

Included with your Inergy Apex Order

  • 1 x Inergy Apex Generator
  • 1 x Standard Wall Charger
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Carrying Strap
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • + Free Shipping

Inergy Solar Generator Features:

  • Internal Battery: 1,100 Watt hours (90 amp @12.6 volts), Lithium NMC
  • Battery Life Expectancy: Up to 2,000 Cycles or 10 Years
  • AC Inverter: 1,500 Watts continuous pure sine wave, 3,000 Watts starting surge
  • Charging: 500 Watts maximum input, 3 hour recharge time at max input
  • Battery Expansion: Compatible with both 12.6 deep cycles lead-acid/AGM batteries & Inergy Lithium-Ion Batteries (soon to be announced)
  • MPPT Charge Controller: 500 Watt (30A) Maximum Input. Charges in as little as
  • 3 hours in ideal sun conditions.
  • 2 USB-C Charge Ports: 5V 3A
  • 2 USB Qual Comm 3.0 Charge Ports
  • 3 Position Power Switch: Allows a user to charge devices via the USB, USB-C, and 12V output ports without having to turn on the inverter

Apex Solar Generator Specifications:

  • Recommended Charging Temperatures: 32°F to 104°F
  • Recommended Discharging Temperatures: 20°F to 115°F
  • Dimensions: 14″ W x 7″ H x 8″ D
  • Weight: 25 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • EC8 Input Plug: Extremely user friendly, plug and play
  • Shoulder Carrying Strap
  • AC Charger Included
  • Compatible with EC8-to-MC4 Adapter for 3rd party panels
  • Accepts car charger, standard AC charger and Quick wall charge, Inergy panels, AND third-party panels

Inergy Portable Solar Power Station

Apex Power Station Power:

  • Smartphones (5-7 watts): 100+ hours
  • Tablets (25-40 watts): 40+ hours
  • Laptops (50 watts): 20+ hours
  • Electric Blanket (Queen Size, 75 watts): 14 hours
  • 50″ LED LCD TV* (65 watts) : 16 hours
  • Microwave (1,000 watts): 1 hour
  • Refrigerator (55 watts): 8+ hours
  • Basecamp LED Light (6 watts): 183 hours
  • CPAP Machine (30 watts): 36+ hours

Solar Generator Benefits:

With an updated LCD screen and faster charging, the APEX is a fully revamped and upgraded system that keeps the same dimensions as the Kodiak while only weighing 5lbs more.  In fact, the APEX is 66% smaller than the closest competitor, small enough to fit on a bookshelf.

The APEX is capable of satisfying the demanding needs of camp trailers and home appliances for days at a time. This solar generator is as versatile as it is powerful, for uses from Tiny Homes to Tailgating.  For the ultimate in emergency power or camping luxury without the hassles of traditional fuel-powered generators, the APEX is second to none.

You’ll also love the new battery management system that allows for more consistent power output as well as the fact that the APEX no longer needs resets.  You’ll be able to take advantage of the faster charge times and improved efficiency thanks to the upgraded MPPT charge controller as well.

Customer Reviews:

Did everything we wanted it to and more! My husband and I just got back from a 4-month road trip around the US & Canada. We built out a Mercedes Sprinter van and this totally came through as our power source for everything in the van. It kept our mini-fridge running smoothly, even when we had the microwave on. It was so nice to be able to charge our laptop, phones, and Apple watches, GoPro, at the same time…while also having all the lights on and vacuuming, haha. We had the solar panels that worked great. 10/10 recommend for van life! (Or any life!)

Great use out of our Apex on an 8-week camping trip. We got great use out of our Apex on an 8-week camping trip especially when it turned very cold and needed to keep the furnace fan running on our trailer. We’re looking forward to having a quick charger.

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